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Start your week with deals on truly wireless earbuds, refurbished Roku streaming sticks, Eufy RoboVacs, and more.

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Top Tech Deals

Refurb Roku Premiere+ | $48 | Amazon

Refurb Roku Streaming Stick | $30 | Amazon

Roku’s Premiere+ is one of the only streaming boxes in town capable of playing HDR 4K video at 60 FPS, and at $48 for a refurb, it’s also the cheapest. That’s the best price Amazon’s ever offered on this model, but the deal is only available today.

Roku also came out with a new version of its popular streaming stick late last year, and you can already get a refurb for just $30, today only.

Most of this Gizmodo review of the older model still holds true, but the 2017 model comes with a voice remote, so you won’t have to search for shows with an on-screen keyboard.

Zolo by Anker Liberty True Wireless Headphones | $80 | Amazon | Promo code LOVEZOLO

Zolo by Anker Liberty+ True Wiereless Headphones | $120 | Amazon | Promo code ZOLOLOVE

Anker has not one, but two brand new sets of truly wireless earbuds on the market, and both are on sale for Valentine’s Day.

We just put up our impressions of both the Zolo Liberty and Liberty+ earbuds, but the gist is that they’re both solid, fitness-friendly options at a lower price point than most other competitors. The Plus model adds a transparency feature that uses microphones to let through a bit of ambient noise, customizable EQ settings, a case with 48 hours of battery life (compared to 24), and a few other features, but you can’t go wrong either way.

You can get the basic Liberties for just $80 right now with promo code LOVEZOLO, or save $30 and get the Liberty+ for just $120 with code ZOLOLOVE, which is the best deal we’ve seen on those since their crowdfunding campaign.

Aukey Compact Dual USB Wall Charger | $7 | Amazon | Promo code AUKEYU32

This tiny, $7 USB charger isn’t much bigger than the one that ships with every iPhone, except it has two ports, folding prongs, and 2.4A of total power, compared to the 1A Apple gives you. No surprise, it’s one of our top sellers of all time. Just use promo code AUKEYU32 to get the deal.

Seagate FireCuda 2TB | $85 | Amazon

Seagate’s FireCuda is one of the most popular PS4 replacement hard drives out there, mostly thanks to its built-in 8GB of flash storage that canspeed up loading times, and you can get the 2TB model for just $85 today, or roughly $10 less than usual.

Even if you don’t feel like cracking open your PS4, you could pop this into an inexpensive enclosure like this one, and use it as an external drive over USB.

Whether you need a small card for a dash cam, or a ton of space for Nintendo Switch games and 4K GoPro footage, this 128GB Samsung microSD card is down to $40 today on Amazon. We’ve seen it go as low as $37, but this deal is still $5 less than usual.

Sony WH1000XM2s | $298 | Amazon

Sony’s WH1000XM2s put the noise-canceling headphone world on notice when they were released earlier this year, and now, you have another chance to get them for their Black Friday price. They’re still an investment at $298, but if you spend any significant amount of time in planes, trains, or just a noisy office, they’ll probably be the best thing you buy this year.

Bose SoundSport Free | $199 | Amazon

Bose quite possibly made the best truly wireless earbuds money can buy, and they just got their first discount ever on Amazon.

The Bose SoundSport Free boast rock solid connectivity (not a given in this space), IPX4 sweat and rain resistance, and arguably better sound quality than you’d find from any competing product. You can read Gizmodo’s review here if you’d like to know more, then head over to Amazon to get them for $50 off.

The ideal power supply for your nightstand or office desk is just $14 today. iClever’s BoostStrip includes three USB ports and three power outlets, meaning you can charge all of your mobile devices, run a computer and monitor, and even plug in a lamp, all on a single wall outlet.

Aukey Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker | $13 | Amazon | Use code AUKSKM13

It’s kind of incredible how affordable Bluetooth speakers have gotten. This one from Aukey is just $13 right now with code AUKSKM13. It’s not super loud, and the sound quality is most likely just adequate, but it’s shockproof and IPX6 water resistant, so you can take it to the beach, to the pool, or even into the shower.

Amazon Echo Spot | $115 | Amazon

Amazon Echo | $85 | Amazon

Amazon Echo Show | $180 | Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Stick | $35 | Amazon

Amazon Fire TV | $55 | Amazon

Element 65″ Fire TV 4K | $650 | Amazon

Fire 7 Tablet | $40 | Amazon

Fire HD 8 Tablet | $60 | Amazon

Fire HD 10 Tablet | $120 | Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite | $100 | Amazon

Kindle | $60 | Amazon

Amazon Cloud Cam | $100 | Amazon

Amazon’s Valentine’s Day device deals just went live, with big savings available on Echoes, Kindles, Fire tablets, and more. I’m not sure they’re the most romantic gifts out there, but I don’t think anyone’s ever complained about getting a Kindle as a gift.

Anypro Laptop Stand | $20 | Amazon | Promo code U3I9USWR

If you’re going to use a laptop while sitting at a desk, your neck will thank you for lifting the screen closer to eye level. This inexpensive aluminum stand does just that, and gives you some extra desk space for all your Funko toys important work things.

G Pen Elite | $105 | Greenco Science | Promo code KINJA30

G Pen Pro | $70 | Greenco Science | Promo code KINJA30

The Greenco G Pen Elite was already one of the best vaporizers for the money at its usual $150, but for a limited time, you can get it for just $105, or 30% off, with promo code KINJA30.


Or, for just $70 with the same code, you can also opt for the smaller G Pen Pro, which should perform similarly, but with a smaller chamber capacity and less precise temperature adjustment. Either way, these deals aren’t available for long, so get in before they go up in a puff of smoke.

From Gizmodo’s review:

“Pleasant” has come to define much of my time with the Grenco G Pen Elite. It charges quickly via USB and has battery life that last for days of regular use. It also feels great in my tiny hands and fits easily in a coat pocket or a purse. The thing that takes it from “perfectly pleasant” to near outstanding is the price. It’s just $170. That’s damn cheap compared to it’s competitors. The Firefly 2 costs $329.95 and the Crafty retails for $339. Sure those products heat via convection instead of roasting a ceramic chamber, they’re much easier to pull on, and the clouds they produce are enough to fishbowl someone sitting with you, but for nearly half the price the Grenco G Pen Elite is a fantastic deal.

Cymas Magnetic 54-Bit Screwdriver Kit | $11 | Amazon | Promo code PG6RSEPQ

This 54-piece screwdriver set is marketed as a laptop repair kit, but with a snake attachment and tons of bits, it could come in handy for all sorts of repairs in hard-to-reach places.

1 Year NordVPN, $48 with code VIP70

2 Year Plan, $79 with code 2YSpecial2017

3 Year Plan, $99 with code 3ydeal

VPNs are in the news these days, and with good reason. So if you’re curious to sign up and start protecting your browsing history and personal data (or, you know, getting around websites’ geoblocks), NordVPN charges less per month than a typical trip to Starbucks.

NordVPN has long been one of the most popular and reliable VPN providers out there, and if you sign up for a one-year membership, promo code VIP70 will drop your annual price from $69 to $48. If you’re sure you want to commit, use this link to get a special two year plan for $79 with code 2YSpecial2017, or this link to get three years for $99 with code 3ydeal. Lifehacker has recommended Nord in some previous guides, but if you have any firsthand experience with the service, sound off in the comments!

Top Home Deals

Eufy RoboVac 11+ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner | $220 | Amazon | Clip the $30 coupon

The bestselling, top-rated, and audience-favorite robotic vacuum recently got upgraded to a new and improved model, and you can suck up yours today for just $220 after clipping the $30 coupon on the product page the best deal we’ve seen in several months.

It has the features you guys loved about the first model – remote control, a slim body to reach under furniture, and large dust box, but boasts upgraded suction power, so the vacuum will sense when it needs to use a little extra juice to take care of a mess. It also has slightly larger wheels to easier navigate over door jams and higher-pile carpets, plus a larger HEPA-style filter to better trap allergens and pet hair.

BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron | $30 | Amazon | After $10 off coupon

If your clothes don’t smell and don’t look dirty, they probably don’t need to be washed. A quick run under the iron can make them look as good as new. This highly-rated Black & Decker iron with variable temperature and steam controls can do the job. It’s just $30 after the $10 off coupon, and will save you from doing unnecessary laundry.

BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker, Silver, WM1404S | $20 | Amazon | After 20% off Coupon

Don’t limit this $20 waffle maker (after 20% off coupon) to just making waffles. Sure, it does do that, but it also makes hash browns, panini-style sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, and more. Today’s price is a good $5 discount from the usual price, and the lowest we’ve seen in many months, so why not batter up?

Aukey 38 LED Solar Motion Light | $17 | Amazon | Promo code AUKEYSL6

4-Pack Aukey 10 LED Solar Motion Lights | $35 | Amazon | Promo code AUKEYSL7

Without any wiring to futz with, these solar-powered, motion-sensing spotlights are the easiest way to illuminate your front porch or lawn, and you can save big on one mega-sized light with 38 LED bulbs, or four smaller lights with 10 each. Just be sure to note the promo codes below.

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit | $47 | Amazon | Clip the $5 coupon

Meguiar’s is one of the most trusted names in the car detailing game, and Amazon’s offering a solid deal on Meguiar’s complete car care kit, which includes all of the following:

  • Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Gold Class Liquid Wax
  • Quik Detailer
  • Quik Interior Detailer
  • Two Claying Bars
  • PlastX Headlight Cleaner
  • ScratchX 2.0
  • Microfiber Wash Mitt
  • Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel
  • Foam Applicator

You might not need to use all of this stuff all at once, but buy it now for one low price, and you’ll have it ready to go in the garage when you need it. It would also make a fantastic gift for just about any car owner. We saw it dip below $40

Tacklife EM02 Power Meter | $9 | Amazon | Promo code JMMGNC4M

Curious how much electricity your devices are using? This $9 meter can measure wattage, amperage, and voltage, tell you how much a device costs to operate in actual dollars and cents, and even estimate its carbon footprint. Just use promo code JMMGNC4M at checkout to get the deal.

DBPOWER 12V Tire Inflator | $20 | Amazon | Use code YJX3MVFN

Forget trying to find quarters under your car seat and paying way too much for 3 minutes of air, and get this $20 tire inflator with code YJX3MVFN. You can fill up your tires whenever and wherever you please for free. Keeping your tires properly inflated helps improve gas mileage so this little gadget will basically pay for itself. It also works on bike tires.

Everyone ought to own a good old fashioned Swiss Army Knife, and the Huntsman II model is down to one of its best prices in years right now. Whenever a box needs cutting, a bottle needs opening, or a screw needs tightening, everyone respects the person with the utility knife.

Silicone Designs Suction Lids | $13 | Amazon | Clip 10% off Coupon

You can put a lid on almost anything with this 5 pack of silicone lids. They cover bowls, cups, and containers creating a vacuum seal, and are way easier to use than plastic wrap. Plus, they’re dishwasher and microwave safe.


At $13 today after 10% off coupon, this is the lowest price we’ve seen in a year.

Amazon is sweetening up your vitamin intake by discounting a bunch of Nature Made gummy vitamins by 20% today. Go find the vitamins you need, add to your cart, and see the discount at checkout. Just to note, this is a Subscribe & Save coupon, so if you don’t want multiple shipments, you can cancel after your first order ships.

RAGNAROS 60 Watt best Hot Melt Glue Gun | $13 | Amazon | Use code MF938VKF

Are you going to use this $13 hot glue every day? Probably not, but it’s still a useful thing to have around. It even comes with 30 sticks which should you last any normal person at least a couple of years. Just remember to clip the coupon on the product page and add code MF938VKF at checkout.

Yazer Wool Dryer Balls | $8 | Amazon | Promo code 799yzyzy

Wool dryer balls are the hottest laundry invention of the decade, and you can get six of them for $8 today with promo code 799yzyzy. Just toss them in your dryer, and they’ll help agitate your clothes and break up clumps, meaning everything dries faster, come out softer, and has fewer wrinkles at the end of the cycle.

So you want to try a standing desk, but don’t want to commit to it for eight hours a day…what do you do? You get off your butt and buy this monitor riser for an all-time low price, that’s what.

This FlexiSpot riser arrives fully assembled, and sits on top of your existing desk. Just place your monitor(s) on the top shelf, your keyboard and mouse on the bottom, and use their integrated spring system to raise the entire setup from a sitting to standing position within seconds. I own a very similar product from Varidesk (which was more expensive, by the way), and I absolutely love it. Just use promo code 2058C7FQ at checkout to save $54.

Let’s be honest, our pets are the best and we don’t deserve them. So, you might as well shower your 4-legged valentine with some extra love by gifting them Greenies dog and cat treats. They freshen their breath (which is a gift for you) and my dogs go nuts for them. Amazon is taking 30% off today as part of one of their Gold Box deals, but it will only last through the end of the day or until the product sells out, so don’t let this deal get away from you.

Update: This deal is back, if you missed it last month.

While they might not conform to the classic look of our favorite chef’s knives , this Cuisinart knife set is anything but dull (get it?). You can own the whole collection today for just $16, one of the best prices we’ve seen.


Don’t let the colors fool you, these knives are stainless steel, and extremely sharp. The set has a 4.6 star average on nearly 4,000 reviews, and while the colors might not seem like your thing, they do help you keep track and avoid cross-contaminating food while you use them.

Just like many of our electronic devices don’t need cords, our wine glasses don’t need stems. Pick up a 6 pack of shatter-resistant glasses for just $11 today, after 10% off coupon.

Philips Somneo Wake-Up Light | $160 | Amazon

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light | $85 | Amazon | Clip the $25 coupon

Late last year, Philips expanded its ultra-popular Wake-Up Light line with the feature-packed Somneo, and now you can get it for the best price ever on Amazon.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a Wake-Up light, the gist is that the light turns on and gradually brightens for 30 minutes prior to your alarm going off. This sunrise simulation usually won’t wake you up, but it will jog you out of deep sleep and get you ready to wake up, so you don’t feel like garbage for half the morning. I’ve owned one for years now, and I swear by it.

In addition to the cool, donut-like design, the Somneo has all the features you’d find in the previous high-end HF3520 model, but with the addition of a breathing relaxation mode that you can use when going to sleep at night, a USB charging port for your phone, a few extra wake-up sounds, and a few extra brightness settings. The biggest addition though? <Music from a heavenly choir rains down from the sky> An eight hour battery backup so a power outage won’t mess up your alarm! Finally!

If you don’t need all the new stuff, the HF3520 is also on sale for $85 after clipping the $25 coupon, one of the best deals we’ve seen.


Botto takes the airtight, air-removing pantry container to the next level by shrinking the whole container as you remove the air, preserving your food and saving space in your cupboards at the same time.


Starting at $10/container if you get in early enough, Botto is substantially cheaper than its competitive set, with the shrinking feature no one else has.

We sort through the noise of Kickstarter to find you preorder discounts worth taking advantage of. Someone on our team has tested a prototype (or final version) of every Kickstarter we cover.

AUKEY Rechargeable Folding Desk Lamp | $17 | Amazon | Use code AUKELST7

It doesn’t have adjustable color temperature or a USB charging port for your phone, but this Aukey desk lamp has a built-in battery, can fold into a bunch of different shapes, and just generally looks cool as hell. Get it for $17 with code AUKELST7.

Dash Egg Cooker, Black | $17 | Amazon

Cooking eggs isn’t exactly rocket science, but I’d say the ability to make soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs, plus omelettes and poached eggs at the touch of a button is worth $17. The Dash is Amazon’s top-selling egg cooker, and carries a stellar 4.5 star review average from over 5,000 customers, so get it while it’s on sale today.

DUO Glass

We love double walled borosilicate glass drink ware around here, and the DUO Glass kicks things up a notch by being perfectly shaped to cradle an ice sphere, and having 1 oz. measurement markers subtly blown into its design.


As of this writing, you can grab two DUO glasses and two ice ball molds for $36, which is an especially good deal if you don’t already own ice ball molds.

We sort through the noise of Kickstarter to find you preorder discounts worth taking advantage of. Someone on our team has tested a prototype (or final version) of every Kickstarter we cover.

Over the holidays, we talked about a deal on a 12-pack of these baking cups for $5. Today’s deal is even better, with 24 cups for $8. These can be reused hundreds of times, make convenient tiny bowls for keeping track of screws and parts when you’re not baking, and are around $1 less than usual.

25′ Globe String Lights | $9 | Amazon | Use code 53DSLJSA

We see deals all the time on copper string lights, but if you prefer the look of globe-style incandescents, you can get a 25′ strand with 25 bulbs for $9 today with code 53DSLJSA. Thanks to global warming, you’ll be able to enjoy these outside in no time, despite what that groundhog predicts.

25% off sitewide | Pop Chart Lab | Use code GROUNDHOGDATA

There’s always that one person in your life that has nothing on their walls. Add some awesome infographics to gifting list with 25% off sitewide at Pop Chart Lab. Check out their newest prints, like the Permutations of Pasta and the Magnificent Multitudes of Beer. Enter the code GROUNDHOGDATA at checkout to see your discount.

Top Lifestyle Deals

30% off top-selling bags | Timbuk2 | Use code BEST30

Pack your travel stuff into a new Timbuk2 bag. Right now, grab 30% off top-selling styles with the code BEST30, which includes their ever-popular Commute, one of your favorite laptop bags. There’s also a bunch of backpacks as well as messengers to make travel a little bit easier. Plus, they make pretty good gifts.

Eufy BodySense Smart Scale | $40 | Amazon | Clip the $10 coupon

if you want to keep track of your new year’s weight loss resolutions, Anker’s ultra-popular Bluetooth smart scale is back on sale today.

In addition to functioning as a normal digital bathroom scale, the Eufy BodySense can measure metrics such as body fat percentage and body water, and sync all of that data over Bluetooth to your iOS or Android smartphone. You can see my impressions here, but it’s the most seamless and reliable smart scale I’ve ever personally used, and a great deal at $40, after you clip the $10 coupon.

Valentine’s Day is mostly BS, but occasionally a day to celebrate love and all that jazz. It’s also a day of make-or-break gifting, which can go south real quick. Amazon has over 50 watches to choose from in this Valentine’s Day-gifting Gold Box, from brands like Citizen, Fossil, Invicta, Timex, and more. But you’d better grab your gift before time runs out.


Note: Select Amazon Prime members can clip an extra 15% off coupon on your first watch purchase.

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser | $53 | Amazon | After $10 coupon

Waterpik is an easier (and they would argue more effective) way to “floss” between your teeth, and Amazon is once again offering the popular Aquarius model for $53 after you clip the $10 coupon. That’s one of the best prices we’ve seen, so it’s a great time to take the plunge. Your teeth will thank you.

Semi-Annual Sale | Backcountry

If you need anything for the outdoors, Backcountry has it on sale. With up to 50% off a ton of stuff during their Semi-Annual Sale, there are thousands of items on sale. Outerwear, boots, bags, and more are discounted, so maybe it’s time to think about going for a winter camping trip.

This probably isn’t the time of year that you’re thinking about outdoor relaxation equipment, but this inflatable lounge/pool float has never been cheaper than it is today, so you can buy it now, and be prepared for the first blast of warm air.

Breda Linx or Joule Mesh Watches | $65 | Breda | Promo code KINJA35

If you don’t know about Dallas-based Breda, you need to. The watch brand creates minimalist, easy-to-wear styles of watches that aren’t overworked or over priced. And we’ve got an exclusive discount in time for the Valentine’s Day. Use the code KINJA35 and grab any colorway of their sleek Linx or Joule mesh-style watches for just $65.

The GIGA Jacket isn’t composed of the most premium fabrics, isn’t the best warmth-to-weight ratio on the market, and isn’t the best-looking in its class, but it makes up for it with a strong preorder discount and a laundry (get it?) list of features.


An interior smartphone pocket you can use your phone through, sunglass straps on the chest, an iPad/valuables pocket on the lower back that would be great when traveling, thumb holes, and even a built-in scarf- there’s a lot going on with the GIGA Jacket. While it doesn’t pack down into nothing, it does pack into itself to become a pillow.

At the current preorder price level of $129, it’s definitely worth a look.

We sort through the noise of Kickstarter to find you preorder discounts worth taking advantage of. Someone on our team has tested a prototype (or final version) of every Kickstarter we cover.

Preorder Slim Wallet | $59 | Indiegogo

A bunch of our readers preordered the Slide Wallet last year during its crowdfunding campaign, and now, the same team is back with the Slim Wallet.

While it lacks the built-in money clip of the previous model, the calfskin leather Slim Wallet is still one of the few options out there that’s great at holding cash, cards, and coins, rather than focusing on just one.


One the card front, you get five different slots for cards, all of which can hold multiple cards. One even has a pull-tab for quick access to your most-used cards without having to pinch a sliver of exposed plastic. The whole wallet is RFID-protected too, so you’ll have nothing to fear from skimmers.

As for cash, the wallet can hold up to 20 bills of varying sizes, so no matter what country you’re in, the local currency will fit. And on the inside of the cash pocket, you’ll also find a small coin pouch with a leather flap to keep them from falling out. Coins are awful and should be outlawed, but until then, it’s great to see a wallet that considers where you’ll keep them.

Preorders for the Slim Wallet have been selling for $89 on Indiegogo, but just for our readers, they’re offering a limited number of wallets for just $59.

We sort through the noise of Indiegogo to find you preorder discounts worth taking advantage of. Someone on our team has tested a prototype (or final version) of every Indigogo we cover.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment 14 Ounce | $7 | Amazon | Clip 25% off coupon

Aquaphor has been around forever and for good reason. This stuff works like magic on dry skin, especially in the wintertime. I always have some around for tattoo aftercare, but also grab for it when my hands hurt from forgetting my gloves. Clip the coupon and save 25% on a 14oz tub of Aquaphor for $7 and never worry about dry hands again.

Note: This is an Add-On item, but it’s a good one to add onto any order.

Update: Today’s the last day!

If you don’t know about REI Garage, here’s your chance to get great outdoor gear, for a lot less. It was launched to help extend REI’s massively successful Garage Sale to an all year experience, and right now, they’re adding massive markdowns to hundreds of items. Grab up to 70% off stuff like layering pieces, sleeping bags, day packs, climbing shoes, and more.

Top Media Deals

Akira is one of those films that should be in every anime movie fan’s collection, and Amazon’s knocked the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray down to $13 today, the best price we’ve seen since 2016.

The upcoming expanded edition of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild official guide looks like the ultimate memento for the ultimate game. The hardcover guide is a whopping 512 pages long, and includes a 36 page atlas with the location of every shrine and Korok seed, walkthroughs for every divine beast and shrine, including those in the DLC, and a whole lot more.


The guide comes out on February 13, and you can preorder it for $24 on Amazon right now, or $16 less than it was going for previously. Plus, if it drops any lower before release day, you’ll automatically get the best price.

Top Gaming Deals

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con | $71 | Amazon

If you already own a Switch, it’s probably a good idea to keep an extra set of Joy-Con around for multiplayer games, and Amazon will sell you neon red and blue set for $71, a $9 discount.

Super Mario Odyssey | $49 | Amazon

If you own a Nintendo Switch, buying a copy of Super Mario Odyssey is basically a requirement. If you don’t have yours yet, Amazon’s offering a rare discount down to $49 today, one of the best prices we’ve ever seen.


Whether you’re using it for productivity or competitive gaming, adding both tilt and a side-mounted joystick to a gaming mouse opens up a world of possibilities, and you can discover them at a discount with a $123 preorder.

Reminiscent of the Logitech G13, the Lexip is packing an 8200 dpi sensor, but of course the stars of the show are the fully programmable tilt and joystick features. Lexip is already claiming support for everything from DOTA 2 to image editing software, and even better, they’re offering a left-handed model- answering a very frequent complaint from our readership.

At $123 even with a preorder, Lexip has already eclipsed the going rate of the G903, which I consider the best of the best, but then again, the G903 doesn’t have a joystick, but then again, Lexip is wired and doesn’t have wireless charging. It’s expensive, but it probably took you about half a second to know if you wanted one, and if so, get in there and grab the discount.

We sort through the noise of Kickstarter to find you preorder discounts worth taking advantage of. Someone on our team has tested a prototype (or final version) of every Kickstarter we cover.

It’s not quite as exciting as Civilization VI and Owlboy (and eventuallyLife Is Strange and Tacoma) like last month, but Dark Souls III and its Ashes of Ariandel DLC are a solid start to next month’s Humble Monthly.

If you aren’t familiar, Humble Monthly is a $12/month subscription (or less if you purchase multiple months in advance) that unlocks a handful of games at the beginning of the month, plus more mystery games at the end of it. Even if you cancel, every game you’ve downloaded is yours to keep forever, making this one of the best deals in PC gaming.

Pecham Nintendo Switch Case | $8 | Amazon | Promo code UUBEDZ46

The best part of the Nintendo Switch is its ability to go anywhere with you, but you’ll want a good case to keep the device safe and all of your accessories organized. This $8 carrying case has a hard shell, a soft interior, a pocket for accessories, and storage for eight games, which ought to be plenty for even a long trip.

Humble’s 2018 Paradox Interactive bundle is a goldmine for strategy gaming fans. Eight titles are spread across three different price tiers, and you can get them all for as little as $12, including games like Stellaris, Europa Universalis III, Cities In Motion 2, and more. As always, you get to name your own price, and a portion of the proceeds go to charity.





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