12 foods to incorporate into the diet of seniors

The power of older workers must be balanced and varied, as is the case throughout the life. However, after 50 years, some specific requirements are more prevalent and can cause dysfunctions of the body. Here is a selection of 12 foods to incorporate into meals for the senior citizens to ensure a sufficient intake of and keep in shape.


The supply of older workers : food, my dear Watson !

A good supply of older workers is distinguished by the quality of the food as much as by the respect of the recommended daily intake. Beyond 50 years of age, the ideal is to maintain a total power consumption daily to 2 000 kcal and 1 200 mg of calcium, divided among 12 types of food that help encourage good nutrition and senior nutrition balanced.

Fruits and vegetables

Low in calories, but rich in minerals, fibers, vitamins and antioxidants, fruits and vegetables are the basis of all good diet senior. We distinguish between :
• vegetables (fresh, canned, raw or cooked) ;
•fruits (fresh, dried, canned, etc.).

For the frequency, one now knows the adage : 5 fruits and vegetables per day. But be careful about the type of fruit and vegetable in question ! A banana, for example, contains a lot of sugar.

The protein

Protein foods are essential, because they help prevent the muscle loss that accompanies automatically the rise in age. Over time, the muscle mass is reduced : up to 20 % during a lifetime. To compensate for this loss requires consuming foods that are rich in protein for the elderly, namely :
• the meat : red, white, poultry ;
• fish : in addition to their protein intake, it is excellent for the memory. Some fish, such as salmon or sardines, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids ;
• eggs : in all the forms. To consume 1 to 2 times per day.

Starchy foods

A good supply of older workers also requires adequate absorption of carbs, in all their forms :
• the potatoes and equivalents : pasta, rice, lentils, chickpeas, etc ;
• the bread.

Starchy foods have several benefits : they provide energy through carbohydrates, minerals, fibers, and produce a quick feeling of satiety. It is false to say that starchy foods are fattening : it is their support that is the cause of overweight (oil to fry the potatoes, tomato sauce, etc).

Dairy products

The power of senior citizens requires calcium intakes high in order to combat the decrease in bone mass (osteoporosis). Therefore, it is recommended to consume up to 3 or 4 dairy products per day :
• cheese : calcium-rich, a hard cheese is also rich in fat ; therefore, it is to find a balance ;
• milk : all milks (whole, semi-skim) to bring in the same amount of calcium, the difference lies in the volume of fat. The butter is a source of vitamin D ;
• yogurt (not to be confused with desserts). Dairy products also provide vitamin D, also essential. Its synthesis is promoted by outdoor activities.

The drinks

The drinks are too often neglected. However, thehydration of the elderly is a problem that is real, because the sensation of thirst tends to diminish with age, while the bodies retain less water. In women, the loss of total water in the body can go up to 20 % beyond 70 years of age. Therefore, it is necessary for a healthy diet as a senior, to consume a large quantity of liquid.
• Water : at least 1.5 litres per day (plain water, sparkling water, tea, herbal tea, coffee…), without waiting to be thirsty.
• Fruit juice : rich in water, they are also in vitamins.

Latest tips

Finally, it is also essential to adhere to a good organization of meals for the elderly : 3 meals per day plus snack, during which daily values are properly distributed. This is the best way to ensure a nutrition senior ideal.

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