4 meals a day : the key to balanced nutrition of senior citizens

The power supply has an impact on the health of seniors. Undernutrition, malnutrition, are so many evils that may be faced by seniors. Diabetes, cancers, cardio-vascular disease… A balanced diet helps to prevent these risks. The organization of meals is also critical to provide a balanced diet to older people.

repas du senior

Eat, move, and get in shape

Such must be your motto. The daily energy intake from 25 % breakfast, 35 % lunch, 10 % snack and 30 % dinner. Each meal has its importance for ensuring a good functioning of the body. Taken at a fixed time, in a pleasant context, the meal should be a special time where we take the time to enjoy them.

Breakfast gourmet

¼ Of caloric intake is located in the breakfast. It is therefore one of the meals essential to meet the needs after a night’s sleep. A duration of 30 minutes, it is easy to appreciate after the long fast of the night.
It must be composed of :
– a drink of more or less 250 ml : tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, all the palace will find their happiness ;
– a grain product : bread, crackers, bread, muesli, cereals. Vary the pleasures and accompany your intake of cereal-of a fat ;
– a dairy product in the form of yogurt, cheese, or cottage cheese ;
– fresh fruit or fruit juice.
On a case-by-case basis, depending on the deficits, a protein intake can be integrated : ham and eggs will then be of the party.

A full breakfast to be in form all day

Main meal of the day, it is to compose according to your desires, and seasons. But for it to be varied and balanced, the base is the work around :
– a portion of vegetables 80-100 g ;
– a serving of protein (meat, fish, or eggs) 100 g ;
– a portion of 150 to 200 g of starch (or bread) cooked ;
– greens will ;
– a dairy product ;
– a fruit ;
– a portion of fat (oil, butter, depending on your desires).

Snack time : the time fun

Taken in the afternoon, it is beneficial for the senior citizens are the most fragile. She brings a multitude of benefits : hydration, energy, calcium, vitamins.
It is composed, in the ideal :
– an obligatory drink ;
– a dairy product : milk, yogurt, cheese, or flank for the greedy ;
– possibly a biscuit, a bread, or a preparation of the fruit.
The snack allows, in addition to the various contributions that it offers, to hold until the evening and not dinner too early, which would shorten the period of overnight fasting.

A savoury dinner to prepare for a beautiful night

Dinner should be organized around a bowl full of soup, vegetables, or about 200 g of starchy food cooked, not to mention a serving of protein (meat, fish, or eggs) cooked with a spoon of oil or a knob of butter. It concludes, finally, by the ingestion of a dairy product and a fruit. This meal is essential to prepare and promote sleep, while recharging the body.

Necessary among other things to the prevention of disorders of blood glucose occurring the age helping, these four meals impose a rate to senior citizens. In addition to the fact that it avoids the monotony of food, and that it can provide days of pleasure with enhanced menus, the ritualization of meals for seniors (4 meals per day taken at a fixed time) allows you to eat regularly and sufficiently. These few lines are added, however, a fundamental rule : drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day, at mealtimes and in the course of your day.

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