5 good reasons to do sport after 50 years

Do the sport for 50 years and more is not just a pleasure, it is also an undeniable advantage for the seniors, thanks to the positive effects that it causes : gain in life expectancy, reduced illness, stimulation of the activities of the brain, increase endorphins, the hormone of happiness, create social links, etc check out all the good reasons you put there now !

faire du sport après 50 ans

1. Increased longevity

To play any sport for a person who is a source of longevity, even at low doses ! Many studies have indeed shown that exercise regular physical activity allowed seniors to reduce their mortality, and thus to live longer. More specifically, according to a survey conducted by the CHU of Saint-Étienne with 1 000 people over 65 years of age during 13 years, 2 hours 30 sports or more per week reduced short-term mortality of 30 % to 57 % depending on the state of health of subjects !

2. Decline of age-related diseases

This gain in life expectancy is due in large part to the benefits that physical activity can have on the human body, given that it results in a reduction of illnesses affecting the elderly, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or osteoporosis. This is easily explained when we know that the sport allows, among other things, to reduce blood pressure, contain the overweight, to facilitate the uptake of glucose by the cells and strengthen the bone density. So many reasons to start practicing without delay !

3. Retain his intellectual faculties

In addition to protecting the health, sports activities also have a very positive impact on the cognitive abilities and intellectual seniors. There are many scientists who now consider what to do with the sport 50 years and over has the effect of preventing Alzheimer’s and even reduce some of the symptoms of the disease in those who are already infected. Moreover, it is proved that the sport and the memory are connected one to the other, and that the first tends to give a boost to the second, causing the production of new neurons !

4. Feel better in her skin

All athletes will tell you : physical activity is great for morale. But why, exactly ? How is this possible ? And well, because the sport causes the secretion of endorphins, which are sometimes referred to as the “hormones of happiness” and which have a molecular structure similar to that of opiate drugs. These endorphins are produced by the brain, particularly the hypothalamus, before spreading into the whole of the nervous system. Where is that feeling of lightness and happiness that makes you feel good in your skin…

5. Socialize, meet people

Finally, the sport is also and especially the opportunity to leave your home, and not to stay isolated in his home. All that at an advanced age, it is essential to create a social link to not to sink into depression. In fact, if the sport is not always enough to combat the depression, it is nevertheless an excellent therapy, complementary to the drug solutions.

However, be careful : it is necessary to take some precautions before doing sports after the age of 60 and beyond. In particular, it is advisable to discuss this with her treating doctor who may provide you with tips sport to a senior in line with your state of health and your physical form. Feel free to read also our article dedicated on the list of the best sports for seniors.

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