5 good reasons to do yoga

“I don’t have the time”, “I don’t know if it’s done for me”… Not easy to push the door of a yoga class, especially after a long period of inactivity ! To give you want to you try, Mathilde Piton, a yoga teacher and blogger, explains everything that yoga has brought him.

Mathilde Piton
– Updated on February 6, 2019 at 17:20


It makes me feel good !

I took advantage of the moment and I let go. Practicing yoga helps me to be present, here and now : focusing on my breathing and listening to my feelings, I let slip the thoughts that I overstock. After a session of yoga, I feel good, full of energy and relaxed. I have to reset the counters !

I reconnect with my body


To read

Find more tips and a complete guide, posture by posture, for a good introduction to yoga, or perfect Yoga malin Mathilde Piton (Leduc.S)

“Tilt the pelvis forward while contracting the glutes, shoulder blades down to the bottom, move the tailbone toward the floor, the hands remain engaged “… the first sessions of yoga look often to the anatomy course. Once these basics of the human body under control, I moved on to the next step : to co-ordinate the movements. Move gracefully, to find my balance on one leg, on the hands, and even on the forearm, let me be guided by the breathing… My body has become progressively more flexible and more toned, which helps to heal the ailments of the day (bad back, knee, stomach, etc). It is also a good complement to the other sports.

Yoga invites inner exploration

When I dare to do some of the postures that I thought were inaccessible, or when I agree to remain calm in meditation, I am aware of all physical sensations, emotions and thoughts flowing through me. That is what I do with it ? Where is it that I am ? Yoga puts me in front of myself, I’m back in question without judging me, I accept and I move forward.

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