STROKE : causes and symptoms of stroke

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With 130 000 French victims of a STROKE every year, the Government launched the plan STROKE in order to limit the risk of occurrence of this pathology. It must be said that a STROKE can lead to irreversible damage and even death of the patient. The older, more sedentary, are more affected. But how to identify, prevent or treat a STROKE ?

AVC causes et symptômes de l'accident vasculaire cérébral


With the heart attack, STROKE (cerebral vascular accident) is a part of heart disease the most frequent and the most feared. We talk about STROKE, when a vessel is occluded or ruptured, and the blood irrigates more the brain. Generally, this condition is an ischemic stroke, a blood clot blocking an artery. It is in this case of a thrombosis and a cerebral embolism. But a STROKE may also occur following the bursting of a vessel. It is the cerebral hemorrhage. In both cases, neither oxygen nor essential nutrients cannot reach the brain cells, and deteriorate or die.

Causes of the disease

Has the image of cardio-vascular diseases, the main risk factors that can explain a STROKE are smoking, excess alcohol, physical inactivity, and cholesterol. In this respect, it is often the seniors who are the most affected by the risk of STROKE, because they were able to accumulate bad habits of life, and are less active. A statistic from elsewhere to support the thesis according to which the age is still the # 1 cause. Thus, from 55 years to a senior, the risk of becoming a victim to double every ten years. In addition, the patients of high blood pressure and diabetes are also more exposed to the risk of symptoms of STROKE occur.


In contrast to theatherosclerosis, STROKE has symptoms that we can spot them pretty easily. When a person suddenly becomes dizzy and loses balance, it may be that this will be the first distinctive signs of the stroke. These symptoms may be associated with numbness, or even paralysis of a body part. The person may also experience difficult to communicate and feel vision problems. It can also be a victim of a violent headache, and vomiting.
In the case where a person is experiencing these symptoms, it is strongly recommended that you call the 15, so that emergency relief is arriving on site as quickly as possible. In fact, the damage caused by a STROKE may be more important over the minutes that pass, until the ship was led, and the brain again irrigated.


The brain cells being deprived of oxygen, the occurrence of a STROKE requires surgery as soon as possible. If it is an ischemic stroke, it is necessary to dissolve the clot. A blood thinner helps thin the blood. If there is a bleeding in the brain, it is a question of extracting the blood that has accumulated. The patient who is undergoing a STROKE must then remove the area of the vessel problem or following a treatment to dilate. The stroke, causing often the sequelae of a more or less important to the rehabilitation may be necessary.

More than the treatment, so it is a way of life more healthy, it is advisable to adopt, especially from a certain age where sports or physical activities, become rare. Limit consumption of alcohol and tobacco and follow a diet of balanced diet are the best way to prevent risks ofmyocardial infarction, arteritis of the lower limbs and cerebral vascular accident.

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