Well veillir being senior : The physical illnesses related to age

In addition to the neuropsychiatric diseases, the elderly are subject to many physical illnesses. To take advantage of its sunny days, so it is best to follow a few basic guidelines : eat a healthy and balanced diet but also regular physical activity. What are the diseases of the elderly that impact on their physical state ? Elements of response.

maladies liees à l'âge

The disease, physical disability,

A multitude of physical diseases affects the health of seniors. If some of them are serious and pose a real risk to the elderly, others are especially disabling. This is the case of impaired vision with two pathologies that primarily affect the elderly : cataract and AMD (macular degeneration related to age). The first appears usually from the age of 65 and can significantly disturb the person who is suffering. The second, as its name indicates, is aimed at seniors. Those who are affected see their central vision to deteriorate as the years.

The diseases of the osteo-articular part of the diseases seniors the most embarrassing and the most painful. Osteoporosis, for example, is frequently seen in older women when the cell renewal of bone is malfunctioning. In the Face of osteoporosis, just like osteoarthritis, a healthy lifestyle can limit this type of pathology. Tobacco and alcohol are therefore to be avoided in favor of a balanced diet and appropriate physical activity.

Senior citizens must also cope with the decrease of some physical abilities. In hearing/presbyopia hearing and presbyopia, older people are particularly vulnerable. Most people beyond 50 years of age, must wear glasses to read up close. Over time, older people also lose their hearing abilities, which usually requires amplification.

Whether urinary or fecal, incontinence is also a consequence of aging. A third of the more than 75 years old are prone to this disorder, which can be explained by muscles and sphincters is less tonic. Diseases rights to gastroenterology, can cause a treatment. From simple heartburn to colic, passing by the bloating, these disorders add to the discomfort of older people.

Seniors are also more likely than young people to be affected by the diabetes and cholesterol. These two pathologies are treated well, but they can be dangerous. In particular, they are likely to cause disorders of the cardio-vascular.

Serious illnesses

Among the age-related diseases, which represent a vital risk for the elderly, and include cancer. These, however, are better treated and diagnosed earlier and earlier, thanks to screening campaigns of this scale. Also, the death rate due to cancers has declined.
In France, the first cause of death in the elderly is cardiovascular. The multiple attacks (STROKE, myocardial infarction, hypertension) must be supported effectively in order to avoid the obstruction or the rupture of an artery.
The lung diseases are also concerned about senior citizens. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis usually appears between 60 and 70 years of age. Irreversible, this condition impairs the breathing and the movements. Other diseases, such as pulmonary emphysema, can also destroy the lungs in a progressive manner. The tobacco is often implicated in these diseases.
Furthermore, undernutrition is, although unknown, very common in older people who reduce their food intake. They often think, wrongly, you need fewer calories. On the other hand, their loss of autonomy tends to limit the volume of food ingested. Muscle wasting and reduction of the immune defences are to be taken seriously.

In conclusion, contrary to the <a href= “mental illness seniors “>mental illness in senior citizens</a>, the occurrence of diseases seniors that impact their physical health may generally be limited by feeding properly, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and physical activity non-traumatic.

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