Well veillir : Everything you need to know to live longer and better

Nowadays, it is no longer really a question of age, but rather of ” ageing well “, that is, to cross its aging so fulfilling and independent in optimizing its chances of staying in excellent physical and mental shape until an advanced age. What are the best practices to achieve this and take full advantage of these years ?

mieux vivre plus longtemps

Preserve his physical health when one is a senior

Have a balanced diet allows you maintain a balance regardless of the age, but it is even more important after 50 years, because the needs of the body are changing. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a nutrition healthy and diversified : it is necessary to eat a little bit of everything in reasonable proportions to evenly distribute the nutrient intake that your body requires, in connection with the expenditure of energy made in the course of the day.

Age well for a senior rhymes also with physical exercise daily. A half-hour of sports activities is essential to stay in shape for as long as possible. That said, this is not the duration, but more the regularity of the exercise that is most beneficial for the body. This allows you to achieve sustainable elimination of excess food, combat fatigue and sleep disorders and reduce joint pain.

Moreover, the combination of a good diet and a regular sporting activity has tremendous positive effects, particularly on health at an advanced age. Many studies have revealed long ago that having a healthy lifestyle could slow down aging and prevent the onset of many diseases (diabetes, cancers, and others), while reducing the risk of falls and fractures disabling.

Mental health is has also !

The physical activity and nutrition are also valuable assets for ageing well… in his head ! The pleasure of cooking and discovering new dishes in the company of others, or to practice a sporting activity with a group are an excellent way to keep a social link with the outside world and enjoy life. Feel surrounded is all the more beneficial if the family is distant : don’t let the feeling of loneliness is to install ! This contributes to the restoration of the autonomy and self-esteem, and therefore the general well-being.

In addition, stay active and meet new people is a remedy well known for preserving the memory and maintain cognitive functions, because it compels us to concentrate, to focus, to reason and to use the abilities of coordination. Retirement is also an excellent opportunity to rediscover old passions that were put aside during the working life due to lack of time. Take advantage of this chance to open new perspectives and to talk about your creativity !

To stay fulfilled in society, finally, it is vital to be able to continue to communicate and keep its capacity to hear, see and talk. This is why it is important to keep these functions deteriorate after 60 years, saying that it is ” more for nothing “. On the contrary, they have never been as important ! Feel free to check as often as possible with your treating physician as well as specialists (ENT, optician, dentist) that he recommends.

In short, keep the shape when one is a senior is above all a question of lifestyle, adopt the right attitudes and good habits in order to age well and to be able to stay in good health, both physically and mentally.

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