Etekcity EK 7017 Digital Kitchen Food Multifunction Scale

Etekcity EK 7017 Digital Kitchen Food Multifunction Scale

Measure with Confidence

Different Weighing Units to Use

You can use the Etekcity Scale to weight your food ingredients in four different units.

You can use:

  • Pounds and Ounces
  • Ounces
  • Grams
  • Kilograms

It is good to have a selection of which unit you want to use to weight something because you are not going to do conversion when you are reading, for example, a food recipe. Moreover, you can measure really precise amounts using the smaller units.

This is a great tool if you are on a diet and you are monitoring the amount of calories you are consuming daily.

The Weighing Platform

The Etekcity scale has a large platform which is 6.25 inches wide.

The Platform is not removable from the scale but is easy to clean.

The platform is anti-fingerprint so it is going to keep its shininess.

If you need more space to weigh food then you can place a larger plate or container on the platform.

You can use the TARE function to disregard the weight of the plate or container, and then add the things which you wish to weight.

The Display

The display has a backlight which makes it super easy to read and you will not require any reading glasses.

Even if you place a large plate which is full of food you will still be able to read the scale because the display is found on the side. I had a scale which had the display in the center and it was hard to read when you had to weight a large plate.

Some consumers say that the display turns off too quickly, but I believe this is good to save its battery.

Power Supply

The Etekcity Scale is powered by two AAA batteries. The battery life is indicated in the display and you are going to be notified when the battery is low so that you can change it in advance and you are not faced with any surprise during its usage.

You get a year warranty. Etekcity will provide lifetime service and support for the scale.


Most consumers say that it is very light and slim. Its design and finish is appreciated by almost everyone. It has a stainless steel finish and it looks very sleek.


The Etekcity is only $16.99 on Amazon and lots of users from around the world says that it is worth the price.

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