Colocation with seniors : a bet to win-win ?

At the present time, finding affordable housing is a real challenge for young people, but also for senior citizens. Opt for a collective housing or attempt the roommate senior is an appealing opportunity. In fact, this mode of life is taking more and more momentum over the years. Back on a phenomenon that is not about to fade away.

Colocation seniors

The shared intergenerational

In view of the increases in the constants of the real estate market and the stagnation of financial means to all, have a great accommodation, at the very least a room unoccupied, allows seniors to benefit from extra income by hosting students or young workers. The interest is mutual and intergenerational exchange often rewarding for the host and the tenant. Beyond budget benefits, this assistance also aims to more closeness.

In effect, the isolation is a risk factor related to depression in the elderly. There is the desire to forge social relationships to prevent loneliness or the feeling of exclusion from society. A simple discussion or the support to do the shopping or help with household chores are so many moments which can be shared by seniors and young renters without requiring the intervention of a home help. In this sense, the co-location senior/young person is therefore a support for some and a springboard into working life for the other.

The roommate between senior

The co-location of senior citizens presents these same advantages in this context of exchange. However, this choice of senior to senior is often a way to preserve its purchasing power by sharing the expenses of daily living. In addition to economic gain, it also allows you to more easily find housing that is suitable for some disabilities. For example, a walk-in close to the center of the city, a dwelling of campaign to renovate.

According to the expectations of everyone, the quality of life is greatly improved. We feel more safe, supported and understood by his peers, since they can encounter health problems or similar financial. So far, the co-location senior is not synonymous with promiscuity, quite the contrary. It also offers more space and comfort with people who share the same values. The life of each person is respected while enjoying a friendly atmosphere.

How to get there ? Where to go to try it ?

There are many sites that offer accommodation in a shared senior. You can submit an ad or respond to an application after having consulted the formalities or rules to follow. Simple maintenance allows the host and tenant confirm their desires to try the experiment, or to clarify their expectations. or are examples of complete sites to understand the domain of the co-location senior. The forums are also an excellent source to find the people responsible and enthusiastic for this type of project.

The tenancy provides not only the opportunity to meet the friends of seniors, but also contributes to the quality of life for everyone. It can be complementary to a more comprehensive approach for living in retirement otherwise. Seniors are increasingly active and involved, a business senior , or a social engagement senior with an association can also promote the desire to engage in new projects. A choice that often translates into improved physical and mental health as well as slowing the aging process.

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