Fighting depression in senior citizens by promoting their social life

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The true evil of our time, depression affects all categories of population. However, a public is even more vulnerable than the others : senior citizens. Boredom, loss of a spouse and/or friends, illness, isolation… The causes can be multiple and accumulate making the state of the person more and more problematic. How to get out of the depression ? How to find a social life ? Elements of response.

dépression seniors

Seniors most affected by the depressive state

A senior out of five claims to have experienced a state of psychological suffering during the last year. This observation shows that persons retired or late-career professional are more affected by this disease. To understand the phenomenon of depression and senior citizens, it is enough to study the rate of suicide. 65 years old, is five times higher than among young people under 25 years of age. Was 85 years old, the suicide rate is 10 times higher.

It should also be noted that the risk of depression is even more pronounced in the elderly, solitary, and in particular the men. So, it was Impossible not to make the link between social life and mental health of seniors. That is why the depressive state should not be seen as inevitable. Solutions consisting of developing a social link can extract a little at the pain.

Embellish the circle of knowledge

There is no age to meet new people. It is true that once the professional life came to an end, seniors lose sight of their former colleagues and sometimes find themselves isolated, without friends, without family close. Meet friends seniors allows you to integrate a new life with people who share the same interests. It is enough to make the first step to no longer be alone.

Senior citizens can already benefit from facilities dedicated to the elderly provided by municipalities. They can gather, share a meal or participate in games and activities to senior citizens. Sometimes, such structures even organize days of sightseeing, cultural and heritage.

In order to make new knowledge, the seniors will also be able to give time to the poor. There are many associations that are open to the good wishes. Distribution of food or clothing drive, for example, allow you to do good deeds while with others who have the same taste for self-help. The social commitment and the senior can take a variety of forms. It is also possible to bring his skills to the service of a cause dear as the environment or animal rights. Make new friends and help others to regain confidence in themselves and thus fight depression.

Coming out of isolation daily

Some seniors are enjoying their time to care for their grandchildren or to travel. The lack of financial resources of a spouse or family nearby, all the seniors do not have these sources of self-fulfilment. And living alone can lead to psychological suffering. Nevertheless, it is possible to find a taste for the daily. If adopting a pet may represent an alternative, co-location senior seems to be an ideal solution. Live with two, or even in the community allows you to go continually to the front, to organize outings, play, discuss, and open up even his circle of friends.

A senior single also has less of a tendency to prepare well-balanced meals. Live several is a good way to maintain a healthy diet with meals that are identified and, therefore, less snacking in front of the tv. Colocation ensures a social life more active for physical and moral health found.

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