How to choose a mutual family ?

My mutual does not meet all my expectations… I’m certainly well covered, but this is not the case of my/my spouse and my children. It is time to find a mutual family that corresponds better to my quality of head of the family. In order to effectively protect all my tribe, it is indeed preferable to me to turn to a health insurance family. But how to find the one that offers the best value for the contributions / repayments and safeguards are appropriate ?

Choisir Mutuelle familiale

Why move towards a mutual family ?

Pregnancy ? This is the beginning of a long journey in a variety of health services. After the visits gynecological and the passage through the maternity, these are constant visits to the pediatrician, who expect the mom-to-be, vaccines, tests, and, sometimes, disease to treat in the first years of the life of the baby. But this is not finished. During the entire school of children, it is necessary to make many routine visits to the doctor, ask for certificates, to treat countless ailments. And adolescence, if not before, dental care and optical can be important. A child who wears glasses must, for example, is renewed every year. Many expenses in perspective for the family… more as children, aging parents, resulting in range of treatments increasingly important. In the Face of this situation, it is better to allow a mutual company covering the whole of the members of the family.

The advantages of a mutual family

The first advantage in favour of mutual family, it is the price. But the formula is particularly interesting with children. In fact, due to the pooling, the more members, the more dues are low, considering the number of people covered. All depends on the mutual chosen. Some propose a global price, regardless of the number of children. Others provide the membership for free from the 3rd child. It is also easier for a head of family to manage a single contract of health insurance, rather than several mutual individual.

The safeguards of a mutual family

You should also know that getting a mutual for the family does not mean that every member will have the same level of rebate on all treatments. Indeed, it is possible to adapt its offer to their needs. Safeguards can be chosen a la carte. As a baby, a teenager and parents don’t need the same benefits. Parents, for example, can determine a high level in the hospitalization, medical tests or hearing aids, while it will be necessary to ensure that the children deal with the risk of health care and optical and dental, which can be very costly with a low support under the basic plan.

Choose a mutual suited to my situation

In some cases, the qualification of the father or mother of the family is not what defines the best out of my situation. It may be more interesting, depending on my job situation, direct me to a mutual specific. If I work abroad, a health insurance tailored to expatriates to meet my expectations. The agents of the local communities and the State will also benefit from a support who is devoted to them through the mutual official. Moreover, after the life of family and professional life, just the life of a senior. Past 50 years, if the children have left the nest, it may be advantageous to move towards a mutual hcc insurance holdings, inc or, where applicable, a supplementary health – retirees.

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