How the social life of seniors influence does it have on their health ?

The social life helps to keep morale high. Of course, but not only. Maintain an intense social life is also beneficial to health. And for the seniors, this social bond becomes almost essential. With figures to support them, we discuss why it is necessary to regularly meet with his family and friends or to engage with an association, for example.

La vie sociale des seniors

Health of older people and social life : a link statistically proven

The social life of the elderly has been the subject of studies. Their goal ? Find out if leading a social life, in addition to ensure a good moral influence health. The answer is clearly positive. The national Institute of prevention and education (Inpes) has demonstrated, in 2010, that senior citizens who participate in associations or games, visiting relatives are in better health than older people isolated. First, it is the link mental health and aging that is highlighted by the Inpes. If 20% of seniors live in a psychological suffering, this phenomenon is largely amplified for those who live alone. In fact, women are twice more prone to depression while men are four times more.

The physical health of seniors is also conditioned by their social life. Older people who travel in groups or associations for activities or help their future are less likely to smoke. When one knows the risks of smoking to the health of individuals, in particular by promoting the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, this fact proves the usefulness of a social life accomplished. Also note that this category of senior is better informed about alcohol, tobacco, cancer, or even Alzheimer’s disease. A knowledge that is more conducive to the process of screening various.

The study of the Inpes has also shown that senior citizens lonely are less attentive to the balance of their diet. In fact, more than a quarter of 55-85 years associating diet and health. Most of these seniors eat a healthy and balanced diet, alternating with starchy foods, vegetables, dairy products, fruits, eggs, meat and fish. Again, to avoid the excess of food fat and salt in particular offers more chances to stay healthy and limit the risk of heart problems and high blood pressure.

To maintain her social life to keep morale and form

Among the main reasons pushing them to maintain a social life figure the depression of the elderly. It is without doubt the most immediate effect. In practical terms, to visit his family or to his friends, to get involved with an association, participate in group activities and meeting new people allows you to avoid the depressive state that affects a lot of retired people. What could be more stimulating than the care of her grandchildren, or travel, to keep morale high ?

A senior single that’s waiting for his relatives come to visit him, which comes out in rare occasions or as a routine, although reassuring, is likely to enter slowly into a state of psychological suffering that is in addition to the physical malaise that is inherent to aging.

Fortunately, regardless of age, there is no fatality. If family and friends are geographically too far away, it is possible to find in each city groups, allowing seniors to socialize, engage in activities : games, heritage walking tours, meals… The more altruistic can also give their time for the most disadvantaged. Many charities are listening to good will. In short, it is sufficient to reverse the trend to improve her physical and mental health. Because one often goes with the other.

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