How to update his carte vitale ?

Update his carte vitale is a mandatory procedure to ensure a good support in her journey of health. Cocoon you to explain the reasons of this update and the steps to take to simply do it.

comment mettre à jour carte vitale

What is a carte vitale ?

The carte vitale is the invaluable tool which helps to justify my rights to health insurance among health-care professionals. It contains all the information relevant to my topic so that I can get the reimbursement of my health costs without having to make the slightest approach. It replaces the old sheet of care that he had to fill out, sign, send to the health insurance and mutual.

Why is it necessary to update my carte vitale ?

Update my carte vitale is essential to be able to benefit from support in full accordance with my rights in rem. In presenting to my health care professional is a vital card to day, I am sure(e) to obtain reimbursement from my health-care costs to the proper rate of support. I also avoid the refusal of payment, the faults or nasty surprises when entering it at the health professional. The updating of the vitale cards for all insured persons, seniors, young active, retired, recipient of the CMU, etc, It finally allows to obtain the reimbursement of my health expenses in a period faster, in less than a week in the majority of cases.

Where to update my carte vitale ?

Most pharmacies are now equipped to be able to update the maps vital. According to the pharmacies, I can access directly to a terminal provided for this purpose, or make the request to update my carte vitale to the pharmacist. All organizations of the health insurance (Caisses primaires d’assurance-Maladie), as well as some health facilities are also available to the insured of the terminals on multi-service for the updating of the vitale cards. Note that this update of the carte vitale is a very simple operation to perform and very fast. In the event of inability to move, as is the case for some of the seniors, it is also possible to formulate a request to update the card by mail, e-mail or phone. Just get in touch with the CPAM who will explain the process to follow to update the carte vitale.

When update my carte vitale ?

It is imperative that you update the card at least once per year. This approach promotes the renewal of my rights to health insurance. Some recommend to opt for a period of the year determined in order to transform this approach into a control system that one acquires over the years (for example, on the day of my birthday). Outside of this annual update, I also have to update my carte vitale, and in every change of situation. Any event that has an impact on my personal situation must be reported to the social Security. This is the case for a change of address, a marriage, a divorce, a birth, etc., The services of the social Security will take into account the change of situation and invite then to update the carte vitale. This is essential if I want to make me repay my expenses of health in the best conditions. It is then necessary to apply to health insurance, a new certificate of rights. This document will benefit me in the event of loss of my card, to subscribe to a “mutuelle”, etc, In the same way, I think to renew my insurance card in the event of a change of situation.
It is therefore important, once a year, at a minimum, to update my carte vitale. It is she who testifies of my rights to health Insurance, and it is my insurance card. A change of situation in my life ? I adopt the reflex of a systematic update.

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