How to deal when you are a senior and single ?

If the retirement marks the end of his professional activity, this period of life also allows you to focus on new occupations. There are a number of collective activities such as sport or travel, but seniors can also find interests that suit them.

solitude senior

Learn in and out for his own pleasure

To preserve his lively mind, stimulate his neurons through learning or discovery is necessary. In fact, the mental health and aging affect the body, but also on the capacity of reasoning. It is therefore important to find a senior who can combine the general well-being to a state of mind just as healthy. Prepare a excursion into solo in a foreign country, play a musical instrument or learn a new language are great ways to keep a positive attitude, and enthusiastic.

Regular physical activity can help to avoid depression or feeling of isolation. However, it is necessary to consult a specialist before you start a sport. Most nests can maintain their dexterity with hands-on activities, including sewing, painting, pottery, sculpture, or crafts. In this sense, the artistic creation is ideal to develop or maintain their faculties of concentration on a specific objective. The games puzzles are also an opportunity to solve problems by making use of its knowledge and its culture.

The music and the culture, a source of inspiration

The culture allows joining the useful to the pleasant with an inexhaustible source of stories, films and songs of all kinds. Observation all the more obvious with the use of the Internet by older people. Regardless of the medium selected, the diversity of the choice proves to be great. Whatever the genre, reading senior is a moment of solitude is preferred where one escapes in as many worlds as the imagination is able to create. Beyond mere entertainment, it also allows you to maintain his faculties of thinking by the intermediary of an intellectual work less demanding and enjoyable.

In addition to the emotional range that the music provides, it proves to be beneficial for the brain. In fact, the music influences the memory of the elderly in stimulating many areas of the brain. In addition, the diffusion of dopamine to listening to a song increases the general well-being of the person concerned. And this is where the culture shows all its interest. At different levels (depending on whether it is music, literature or cinema), the discovery of works of art that affect us can develop his cognitive functions, and so to retain all his mental faculties.

The web, another world to discover

If it requires a minimum of training to master the computer tool, the computer is also an open door to many areas, in particular through the Internet. In more intense and teeming, it is always possible to find sites about the passions that we feed. The web allows you to communicate on blogs or comment on forums and chats. A place of exchanges and personal enrichment for seniors in lot of discoveries.

Paradoxically, activities for seniors only lead to new knowledge and unexpected encounters. It all depends on the desired approach. It may very well be confined to a solitary activity with peace of mind, but also to share it. The isolation and depression of seniors are no longer a fatality. To keep a foot in the world active with the community, grow, play an instrument, go on an adventure… hobbies are not only a source of pleasure. They also reveal the benefits, unexpected to the health while linking sociable lasting.

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