How to subscribe to a mutual online ?

Gone are the days where you had to move into an agency or spend long hours on the phone to subscribe to a mutual. Today, the web allows subscriptions online, in just a few clicks and in only a few minutes. Cocoon, the mutual which provides the online subscription, explains how to proceed.

souscrire mutuelle en ligne

Subscribe to a mutual online : the different stages

Subscribe to a mutual online is much more simple than it seems. For several years, insurers like Cocoon, in fact, have improved their operation and facilitated the procedures of subscription to a mutual via the internet. A few simple steps are enough now. The first is to connect me to the subscription page online of ma mutual. It is possible to do it from a computer, but also from my tablet or my smartphone. I inform then all the necessary information to create my profile of participant : date of birth, plan affiliation, etc Third step, the selection of my needs and the choice of my insurance offer health insurance. It is at this stage that I will need to provide the level of service that I want to get with my mutual.

Subscribe to a mutual online : from quote to underwriting

All information about me filled in, I am instantly facing(e) to one of the 11 options offered by Cocoon for my social protection complementary. I can still at this stage to change the level of protection desired. Once the offer has been selected, Cocoon offers a quote for my insurance contract of mutual health. I then have the option to receive them by e-mail and/or to confirm my subscription request online. In this case, he is asked to complete other more accurate information (social Security number, place of residence, etc) to be able to establish the contract. I am then directed to a secure web page to process the payment. To note that the insurance offers health insurance offered by Cocoon are modular. I can, at any time, upgrade my contract by adding options, guarantees, etc

Subscribe to a mutual online : the necessary documents

Subscribe to a mutual online savings a few administrative procedures become outdated and many of the photocopies. Only a copy of my certificate of social Safety and bank details are needed to be able to carry my subscription online. The electronic signature takes care of his side of to confirm my commitment. To note that my bank details are mandatory to be able to subscribe to a mutual Cocoon online. To provide maximum safety, the Cocoon works with proven technologies that ensure the security of the information collected. I also have the ability to change my banking details from the web site.

Subscribe to a mutual online : terms and conditions

I must be free of any contract with an other mutual to be able to subscribe to the mutual Cocoon online. If this is not the case, I have the ability to request the termination of my current contract by sending a cancellation letter to my complementary health. I must also comply with the general rules of subscription to a offers health insurance, mutual dictated by Cocoon, including, for seniors, to be aged(e) under the age of 70 years. Once my online subscription is confirmed, I think to update my rights. On the site of Cocoon, I also find out how to make me a refund and I consult the advice of Cocoon to learn how to read my insurance card.
There are various ways to subscribe to a mutual health : phone, agency… But by the Internet, the subscription is fast, guarantees immediate, without any movement on my part. Cocoon, it is a mutual effective, just a click away.

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