In what cases a change of the mutual is it advisable ?

Choose my mutual effectively is essential to make the right choice and avoid having to change the complementary health. However, in some cases, change the mutual is not only beneficial, but inevitable in order to benefit from new guarantees with more attractive prices.
Change of complementary health is now relatively simple, subject to compliance with the conditions of termination, and the time limits imposed, often set out in the general conditions of the contract.
A change in circumstances or reasons for dissatisfaction can lead to a change of mutual.

 changer de mutuelle

What were the reasons for a change of mutual is it advisable ?

A change of the mutual is often of itself for different reasons :
– change of family structure (e.g. birth of a child, for example) ;
– change of circumstances (transition to retirement or entry into working life) ;
– refunds more adapted to the needs ;
– dues increase, no refunds ;
– length of time of repayments ;
– difficulties in contacting advisers ;
– change of priorities in the health posts to be covered : optical, orthodontic, etc ;
– declaration of a serious illness or a chronic disease ;
– dissatisfaction with overall services of complementary health.
All these events have an impact on the daily lives and needs of coverage in terms of health of the insured.

Change the mutual ? Yes, but how ?

How to change the mutual ? To change from a mutual, it should be put an end to the contract that I currently commits before any subscription to the mutual future. In most cases, the insured has to send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt (for that there is no discussion possible on the date of termination) to his body of complementary health.

When can we change the mutual ?

– At maturity
As a general rule, it is necessary to wait for the maturity date of the contract, and comply with the notice in accordance with the terms and conditions in force. The Chatel law on the information of the maturity date allows the insured to terminate its mutual health, respecting the period of notice which is usually two months.

– In the course of the year
Some cases can override the due date and terminate in the course of the year. For example, a marriage, a divorce, a move, a change in employment status, an increase in misuse of membership dues, a membership in a mutual mandatory business.
It is very important, even mandatory, to comply with the termination procedure for my contract to avoid any disruption in coverage from one health insurance to another.

Cocoon, my mutual health

It is essential to compare the mutual to take advantage of the best prices mutual by finding the type of cover suited my needs and my situation : seniors, active youth, students, retirees, managers, employees,…the benefits of mutual Cocoon are multiple. One of them is the possibility of change of opinion, and proposing a mutual, without commitment.

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