Is that mutuals require a medical questionnaire ?

If you have the intention to carry out the termination of your mutual mandatory to subscribe to a mutual senior most suitable in terms of guarantees and deferment periods, you are probably wondering if you’ll be able to avoid the little step pleasant of the health questionnaire at the time of your new membership. While this document is required by most insurance, it is banned in all types of mutual funds.

questionnaire santé

What is the health questionnaire ?

Also known as a medical questionnaire, a health questionnaire is a document required by an insurer to its future members, in order to be aware of their current state of health and be able to anticipate their future state. This document includes questions about your physical (size, weight), on your physiological state (illness, work stoppage or medical follow-up underway), on your medical history, but also on any medical examinations that you would have planned to do in the near future (endoscopy, laboratory, medical imaging, etc). Some questionnaires of health may also ask you about your way of life on a daily basis, particularly on patterns that can have an impact on health (consumption of tobacco, alcohol, practice regular physical activity, extreme sports, etc). Your medical questionnaire must enable the organization to assess the risk to ensure, to deduce if he should let you join or not, and if yes, what is the price (amount of contributions).

The health questionnaire, a request almost constant in the insurance

Whether for a health insurance policy, the death or the borrower (and the same for a credit application), the health questionnaire is asked almost every time by the insurer or lender. Since there is no legal obligation to support a medical questionnaire for an insurance contract, or loan, you have every right not to want to respond. But you will inevitably be far less likely to be accepted by the body.

You can fill out this health questionnaire by your general practitioner, or do it yourself, provided that all information is accurate. According to article L. 113-8 of the French insurance Code, an insurance contract shall be null and void in the event of a false declaration or omission of the insured that would change the opinion of the insurer on the risk that it takes to allow the accession. So, if you have lied in the questionnaire, your insurer may decide, for example, you do not benefit from a guarantee, but to retain the contributions. In addition, the health questionnaire must be signed and dated, and filled so full (it is not possible to not respond to certain questions).

No health questionnaire in the mutual

If the vast majority of health insurance providers require you to fill out a health questionnaire, the questionnaire of mutual is formally prohibited by the Code of mutuality. Thus, mutual societies do not have the right to ask you to complete a medical questionnaire prior to enrollment. The questions that will be asked during your exchange with your interlocutor, in the body of complementary health that you have chosen, will be it only in order to understand your needs guarantees health, and this without compromising your privacy. Thus, if you wish to terminate your insurance currentat the date of maturity or out of expiry with the Law Chatel and termination) to be able to adhere to the mutual Cocoon, specialist senior, know that you’ll have no health questionnaire to fill out.
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