Does your insurance cover your hospital expenses ?

That hospitalization in a public facility in a private clinic accredited by national and, in a clinic, private, not subsidized, some of the fees are taken in charge, subject to presentation of supporting documents, by the Insurance.
Other costs, however, remain the responsibility of the patient. This is particularly the case of the daily fee for hospital (valid for any stay of more than 24 hours). However, a mutual “hospitalization” may reimburse, in part or in full, any amounts remaining in the expense of the patient.
The guarantees of the different contracts are, therefore, to consult carefully to know the exact terms of reimbursement in case of hospitalization.

Frais d'hospitalisation

Health Insurance : what is supported and what refunds ?

80 % of hospitalization expenses are taken care of by the Insurance. The refund will be processed after the delivery of the voucher by the institution who have provided care to health insurance. The support of the care performed prior to or after the hospitalization are also taken into account : refund of 70% during a consultation with an anaesthetist before an operation, as did 60% of the rehabilitation sessions after a surgical procedure.

Hospitalization : what are the fees that remain in my care ?

At the end of the hospitalization, the patient will be responsible for :
– the amount of the copayment, corresponding to the part of the health expenditure after the repayment of the social Security (20 % of hospital expenses), as well as the daily fee for hospital, if it is not reimbursed by the mutual ;
– extras such as an individual room, telephone, tv ;
– passing medical fees.

The remaining 20%, some even supplements or exceedances of fees, may be supported by a mutual ” hospitalization “.

Cocoon : a guarantee hospitalization effective

Cocoon has created a guaranteed admission for all, and especially for seniors. With its offer hospitalization, Cocoon offers even greater peace of mind to its policyholders.
With the offers hospitalization, accidental and hospitalization from all causes, Cocoon offers a warranty from 6,95 € per month, for the whole family depending on the formula chosen. With a level of compensation that increases according to the formula, the daily allowance insurance Cocoon allow a refund of up to £ 600 per day.

Cocoon : a mutual ” hospitalization “

The health insurance Cocoon offers, in the event of hospitalisation, of refunds non-negligible, in particular from the formulas Comfort, Comfort+, and Privilege.
Indeed, beyond the cost of the stay and the operating room are reimbursed 100 %, these three formulas pay back 175 % to 300 % of the medical fees and surgical. And for my comfort, in case of hospitalization, I have access to a particular room (from € 40 to € 100 per day) and fresh TV (5 € to 8 € per day), supported by my health insurance Cocoon.

Cocoon : a mutual complete

With over 80 years of experience, 1 600 000 insured persons and 1 200 employees, choose Cocoon it is ensure just. With values such as quality of service, simplicity and flexibility : the Cocoon has only one goal : to satisfy the expectations of its insured, fully covered, even if they are expatriates.
Dental, optical, doctors, drugs : here are all of the levels of guarantee depending on the formula chosen. There is necessarily the solution that suits me.

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