Is it safe to play sports after 60 years ?

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It is advisable to practice a sport activity throughout his life in order to remain in good health. But beyond a certain age, the body is more fragile and requires appropriate activities. What are the risks of the practice of sport after the age of 60 ? What are the sports to be emphasized and those that should be avoided ?

faire du sport après 60 ans

The risks of the sport after the age of 60

If the body has no age limit for practising a sporting activity, all activities are not recommended for all. The practice of sport after the age of 60 exhibits in effect the senior citizens to risks that must not be ignored : the body weakens, the cardio-vascular system is not as strong, the joints are more fragile, the sense of balance may experience a few bumps… in Short, a senior no longer has a body any girl ! This is why the practice of a sport for the elderly must be adapted to the physical conditions and capabilities of each, to avoid the risk of pushing too far his limits.

We are not all equal in the face of the sport

Past 60 years, we are not all equal in the face of the sport. Nature has provided each organization with its own limitations, which must be added the accident of life – falls, injuries, illnesses – which have weakened the body and to forbid, beyond a certain age, some of the practices. So many reasons that make the sport after 60 years is still a personal matter : each face has its own body. So that senior citizens must ensure that they practice reasonable and weighted, in order to avoid any risk :

• by focusing on the regularity : a few tens of minutes of activity is enough, but at regular intervals ;
• focusing the efforts of long and less-intense (endurance activities) ;
• by knowing its limits, without letting themselves be dominated by his condition as a senior ;
• visiting regularly with his doctor to ensure his health.

After 60 years, the caution !

To play sports after 60 years, it is therefore the caution that is required. The fact of starting up a business requires to consult his doctor for a complete medical check and assess his physical capabilities. But it is also true for senior citizens who pursue an activity practiced throughout their lives : the body is no longer the same and need regular checks. Before embarking in the sport after the age of 60, it is therefore recommended that :

• check for the existence of a possible medical contraindication ;
• seek the advice of a rheumatologist ;
• do an ecg and, why not, a stress test to check the condition of the heart and detect any heart disorders ;
• make a point about his power to not risk running out of energy.

Advice and contraindications

When one wishes to practice a sport after the age of 60, therefore, it is recommended to use the category of the best sports for seniors : walking/hiking, jogging, cycling, swimming, gymnastics and other activities-soft (ideal for do sport at age 50 and beyond) … And always adapting his practice to his abilities, that is to say, in rewarding the effort long and not very intense, rather than brutal and short. On the other hand, to prevent the risks implies to exclude activities that are too intense or violent, such as rock climbing, boxing, squash (extremely demanding for the heart) as well as all forms of competitions in general. Please do not hesitate to obtain advice in sport senior from associations who will take care of you. You can, for example, you go to the French Federation of retirement from sport, or to local associations such as the Retirement from sport of Paris.

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