Expats : When to choose a mutual becomes crucial

If my situation, professional or personal requires a departure abroad, a mutual expat allows me to devote myself to my daily activities with confidence. In unexpected medical expenses or immediate care, she can deal with the more urgent for seniors, but also for the whole family.

Mutuelle expatriés

Well prepare for my departure

In order to fully enjoy my stay, I have to pick a health insurance coverage that meets my expectations. In fact, it is good to know that the health insurance fund supports emergencies only, and that I have to adjust the expenses in advance. This can be complicated if I select a destination where care is very expensive. North America (Canada, United States), as well as some Asian countries, require, for example, high medical expenses in case of force majeure or unforeseen.
Before starting, it is useful, therefore, to consult with relevant bodies (for example, my travel agency or the ministry of foreign Affairs) to obtain information on the country that interests me, in particular on its state of health and the precautions to take before my departure. The advice cost nothing and allow it to better protect me and my family.

The solutions for dealing with the health expenditure unforeseen

Subscribe to a mutual expat can avoid me in setbacks and this, and that I am a senior in retirement or an asset that carries on his professional activity abroad. Yes, I’ve the opportunity to join the Fund for French abroad (CFE) to preserve my rights to health insurance, but this does not apply to all cases and the refunds are partial and staggered. Regardless of my age and my situation, there is necessarily a health protection that corresponds to my expectations and my needs.

The offer Cocoon, guarantees and personalized services

Staying in my listening, Cocoon offers me tailor-made contracts that can cover many different criteria : total reimbursement of care for a hospital, taking care of medical examinations, consultation with a doctor, treatment that requires a medication… According to my budget and my career path, it is possible to adapt each formula to me and my family. I can also consider a repatriation in case of emergency !
Cocoon simplifies to the maximum the formalities and does not require a medical examination, even for seniors or retirees. In addition, the subscription is immediate and, for a termination request, there is no deadline to meet after a year of assessment. I have the opportunity to hire me with an offer, participant unique, but I can also enjoy my loved ones with formulas that take into account my spouse and/or my children in a family. Cocoon offers so many advantages. Moreover, in addition to a personalised follow-up, I get an instant assistance in case of hospitalization or home care. This includes the teaching support and custody of children. With attractive prices, prompt compensation, and equally interesting, Cocoon features and benefits clear and precise. A complementary health adapted to my class it is possible. A mutual for expats, for officials, for seniors or for the whole family : everything is possible to protect my family and provide for my eventual health care expenses.

Often very expensive abroad, it is absolutely essential to protect yourself to cope with a health crisis when it occurs abroad. And this is valid for stays abroad or to a more sustainable situation of the expatriate.

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