Hiking, being a senior, a very good idea

Among the recommended sports activities to the elderly, the walk arrives at the head. First of all, because the walking is excellent for the body, but also because the hike, practiced several, is also very good for the morale. Here’s why you should make the hike senior your next sport.

randonnée senior

The benefits of hiking as a senior

What is it that made the hike a senior that it is the best activity for over 50 years ? Simply because, of all sports, for seniors, it can be practiced by combining the useful with the pleasant : work his body while cultivating the pleasure of exploring the landscapes and interact with his classmates walk away. Among the benefits of hiking as a senior :
• it is an endurance sport that makes work all muscles, smooth ;
• it prevents or slows down osteoporosis ;
• it helps fight against osteoarthritis, reducing the pain ;
• it keeps away cardiovascular diseases ;
• it strengthens the cardio-respiratory ;
• it helps fight against overweight and obesity, associated with a suitable diet ;
• it offers a great diversity of situations : all can walk where he wants, at his own pace ;
• it adapts to the capabilities of each : even after 70 years, while the heart and lungs become weak, it allows to maintain a certain level of fitness ;
• finally, it helps to restore the morale in the elderly : the hike is the first sport recommended by doctors in cases of low morale transient or depression, because walking is relaxing, reduces anxiety and allows you to spend a pleasant moment in several.

The hike : a multifaceted activity

The main advantage of the hiking senior, is that you can practice anywhere, without the need for dedicated hardware. The simple fact of going shopping on foot or to walk up to the house of a friend allows you to do exercise. So that the hike can be done in the city, in a park, at the edge of the sea, the mountains, etc, hiking in the mountains is ideal because it pushes us to work more intensely the muscles of the legs while stimulating the cardio-respiratory system, especially above 1 500 metres altitude, when the oxygen decreases in quantity. However, this type of walking is not recommended for all older people : the past 70 years, it is best to seek the advice of her doctor. Finally, the hiking senior, you can adapt its rhythm to its objectives. One can walk for pleasure, or go on a faster pace for a walk is effective, for example in order to lose weight. As a reminder, a 30-minute ride to lose :
• 75 kcal in gentle walking ;
• 110 kcal in fast walking ;
• 200 kcal in the forest or in the mountains.

Some good ideas for hiking

If you are looking for “good spots” for hiking seniors, be aware that France is full. Here are 3 examples :
• the crossing of the Vercors (Isère) : several variants of hikes offer through this huge regional natural park, the longest being 60 kilometers (three or four days of walking) ;
• the balconies of the mer de glace (Haute-Savoie) : enjoy the good air in altitude while enjoying the landscape of the massif du Mont-Blanc, this is a hike to a senior who should you re-inflate the block !
• the coastal footpath, between the bays of Veys and the Mont-Saint-Michel (Normandy) : the long cliffs, windy and beautiful sand dunes, this seaside promenade is closed on the appearance of the famous Mount in the middle of the salt meadows.

After hiking a senior, don’t forget to do your stretches ! You can also accompany your long walks of the practice of gymnastics , sweet.

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