Home working : landscaping a small space to work

Don’t lose any square meter to maximize the room you have

Rachel Ogden for Houzz

Updated on February 12, 2019 at 10:35


It is increasingly required to work from home, and yet, there is a tendency to relegate the development of our office in the second plan, in the casant between two parts. And if you think back ? It could even become a place that is motivating that you would want to go to work (or almost) ! Take a look at our ideas to make your small space.


Broaden your horizon

When you live in a terraced house, it is sometimes difficult to find the place. An extension can be a convenient and simple for you to create the space you need. Even if this extension is narrow, you can easily access the back yard or move around to installing the desk and shelves one above the other along a wall. You will enjoy a maximum of surface to the ground, which you will have a smooth transition between the different parts when you will not be using your office.


Customize your space

Your office should have the same importance as any other room in the house, so don’t hesitate to decorate : pillows, art objects, paintings, etc., You insufflerez to this piece a little of your personality, while creating a pleasant space, that you can easily redecorate. Expose your books and organize your files into nice-looking boxes for a library of the most beautiful effect.


Bet on furniture multifunctional

A bureau can take a lot of space, hence the need, sometimes, to prefer built-in furniture. This will allow you to maximize the space available. Our photo presents you with an office suspended that extends from the wall up to a shelf integrated, without discontinuity. Ingenious.


Create a space that energizes you

We tend to believe that everything should remain simple and uncluttered in a small space. However, you can stimulate your creative mind with few objects of item You might consider, for example, to add a painting on the wall, as this wall inspired a cartoon (to the left). The brick wall and its particular texture that enhances the piece, and elegant boxes, as shelves, allow the office to remain in order.


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