How to choose your health insurance?

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Before taking out a health insurance scheme, it is necessary to define its health needs and to know the guarantees and the levels of reimbursement proposed. Focus!

Consult an online comparator site

In order to find the right health insurance that perfectly meets your needs, the most practical solution is to consult Dispofi, a mutual health insurance comparator online. Indeed, it is easy to get lost with all the offers offered by mutual societies, major insurers or even provident societies. With a comparator, you just need to set your priorities (dental reimbursement levels, hospitalization, optics…), to access offers adapted to your health needs and your profile.

In short, an online comparator allows you to understand the guarantees in order to make the right choice and to find the most advantageous price, depending on your situation. This service also allows you to fully understand the risks covered by the selected formulas. This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to getting a refund.

Choose your insurance plan according to your needs

Before choosing your health insurance, it is necessary to define your health needs. Indeed, the repayment rates and guarantee levels are specific to each offer. For example, there are offers tailored to each profile: a person with dental problems would be well advised to opt for a high dental coverage. On the other hand, for a couple with children, it is better to choose a family contract that covers Orthodontics in particular, while an active single person can quite content himself with a minimalist mutual if he is not already covered by his company mutual.

In short, in order to choose your mutual insurance company properly, you must be clear about your needs and understand the guarantees.

You have to go through the offers and check out some key points. :

  • The level of reimbursement: some mutuals express themselves in percentages of reimbursement (100 %, 200%…), while others propose a lump sum (€100, €200…). Know that even if the percentage seems very high, the refund will remain modest if the SSS refund base is low.
  • Check the reimbursement rate on important items such as optics, hospitalization, dental care and consultations.
  • The waiting period: for certain guarantees, the insurer or the mutual society can provide a period during which you will not be entitled to a refund.

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