How to practice meditation easily?

How to practice meditation easily?

The days go by and the stress builds up. You are in a bad way and you are feeling very tired, but you are not able to rest properly. We’ll give you some tips to practice meditation easily and in just a few minutes.

Find the right time to practice meditation

Your body knows what it needs, so know first of all that the practice of meditation is safe. On the contrary, it will allow you to find a new way and especially to find your inner well-being.

The meditation is based on constant sessions, usually about ten minutes, that you can practice anywhere. During this time, you will be able to meet yourself and, above all, communicate with your inner self, the one and only person capable of understanding you at 200%.

Consistency is essential during the sessions, so you should not cut them short if you find them too painful, or lengthen them if they seem too pleasant to you. And if you don’t see how to do it, there are applications for meditation.

Practice meditation, but in a good environment

For a good mastery of meditation, the environment around you plays a big role. It is better to meditate in a quiet room facing a wall, this in order to avoid any form of distraction, and better to wear loose clothes and if possible to be barefoot.

To facilitate your sessions, there are music without words that will help you to concentrate. It is also important to know that in order to practice a good meditation, you must be relaxed. With a little experience, you will begin your mediation by taking the lotus position.

The look at the heart of the practice

The eye plays an important role in meditation. You must have your eyes half-closed in order to be sufficiently focused on your inner peace and above all not to be distracted by your environment. Indeed, having your eyes completely closed could lead you to a form of drowsiness. This is a thing to avoid because meditation requires you to be attentive and have a look at the external environment. The eye should not be the only form of concentration in your session. You also need to focus on your breathing. The latter is essential in order to return to a state of relaxation and appeasement.

You will set up the technique of “anapana” that will ask you to concentrate on your nostrils and the air that comes in and out. It will allow you to take control of your breathing in order to make it slower and slower. Then you can release all your thoughts and let them act on their own. The exercise can be painful by bringing back memories or other dark thoughts. If so, refocus on your breathing.
Afterwards, the mantras will appear, quotes whispered repeatedly, that will empty your consciousness.


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