High blood pressure : symptoms, treatment and causes

14 million French people are concerned by the problems of high blood pressure. 1 senior on 5 even suffered from this disease without knowing it. What is high blood pressure ? How is manifested ? What are the risk factors and the treatments ? Elements of response.

Hypertension arterielle


The heart disease affects many seniors. Hypertension is one of the most common pathologies. To understand this we must first remember what is the pressure of the arteries. The blood pressure represents the force that the flow of blood exerts within the arteries. It must, however, distinguish between the systolic pressure to the diastolic pressure. The first corresponds to the contraction of the heart, in order to send blood out into the arteries. The pressure in this case is maximum. It is minimal when the blood came from the veins is sucked into the heart relaxes. Specifically, hypertension is diagnosed from a pressure of 140/90 mmHg. When a patient reaches this level, and even more so when it exceeds this, it incurs the risk ofmyocardial infarction andstroke, that is to say, to see his arteries to clog up to stop the transport of blood to the heart or brain.

Causes of the disease

This is the sum of several factors, which is generally at the origin of the onset of high blood pressure. Age has a significant role, as cardiovascular diseases occur mostly among the elderly. Beyond age, these are bad habits of life, who come to promote high blood pressure. In fact, smoking, a diet too rich in salt and fat, regular alcohol consumption enhance the risk. But these are not the only risk factors. The absence of physical practice, stress and obesity are also implicated.


High blood pressure is often called silent. Has the image of theatherosclerosis, it can be experienced by the elderly that they are aware of it. In some patients, however, hypertension and its symptoms. When the headaches are increasing, particularly at the time of waking up, it is advisable to consult a doctor or, at a minimum, take your blood pressure after a few minutes of downtime. Dizziness, the sensation of a heart that beats, vision problems, or bleeding at the nose, are also likely to appear.


Older people concerned with high blood pressure must start by adopting a balanced diet and without excess. It is highly recommended to avoid fat and prefer vegetable oils to animal fats. If carbohydrates are recommended, it is necessary to avoid the sweet products, which can accelerate the phenomenon. In the field of hypertension, it is also generally advised to limit salt consumption. If a healthy lifestyle, combining a balanced diet, physical exercise and stopping smoking, may be sufficient, in some cases, the administration of drugs is necessary to lower the pressure. Depending on the patient, the doctor will prescribe one of the 5 types of the following medications :
• diuretic ;
• beta-blocker ;
• calcium channel blocker ;
• inhibitor of the angiotensin-converting enzyme ;
• inhibitor of alpharécepteurs.

As thearteritis of the lower limbs and other cardio-vascular diseases, high blood pressure requires an excellent hygiene of life, except that the salt must also be consumed in moderation to avoid exacerbating the disease.

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