Myocardial infarction (heart attack) : symptoms and treatments

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More than 100 000 French victims of a myocardial infarction each year. Only two-thirds of them about to come out, sometimes with sequelae. Because the blockage of an artery prevents the heart to eat them, which can cause irreversible damage. Zoom in on the myocardial infarction.


Commonly known as a heart attack, myocardial infarction often allows you to discover heart disease in the patient. This affection is characterized, such as STROKE, by obstruction to the artery. In the case of the heart attack, it is one of the coronary arteries, which is the mouth and the heart that is deprived of oxygenated blood. The heart is necrosis and, in the absence of a response fast enough, he dies. The myocardium, that is to say, the heart muscle is partly destroyed : a phenomenon that can be more or less important and lead to sequelae or even death of the patient. It should be noted that some alerts heart pass almost unnoticed. It is usually warning signs of a heart attack and more serious, if no treatment or change of habits is carried out.

Causes of the disease
Among a bundle of causes that can lead to a heart attack, it is important to distinguish between risk factors which are unavoidable and the risk factors it is possible to reduce. Depending on the age, sex, and family history of cardiovascular diseases, the populations are not equal in the face of the disease. Also, older men whose ancestors have been victims of heart attacks are more exposed. This does not mean that young women without a family history, may not suffer a heart attack. Because of other very important factors are due to our behaviors. Tobacco is part of the main habits to banish. The lack of physical activity is also criminalized. Thus, it is generally advisable to practice a sport or walking for 30 minutes per day. Diet also plays a major role. Obesity and diabetes are among the leading causes of heart attacks. Finally, stress and depression may contribute to the development of cardiac disorders.

Most of the time, the victim of heart-attack feels a very sharp pain in the middle of the chest. This pain as intense as sudden causes the sensation of being squeezed, oppressed. When the pain persists, other areas are affected : arms, wrists, jaws, throat, shoulders. Other manifestations can also occur. The patient may experience exhaustion, palpitations, shortness of breath, malaise or nausea. It can be found in sweat, become pale and vomit.
When a person is having a heart attack with these symptoms, then it is an emergency. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately call the 15, in order to treat the cause of the infarction as quickly as possible.

In the event of heart attack, the doctors involved have the objective to clear the artery in order to restore supply to the heart the faster. Depending on the case, several operations are envisaged. Angioplasty allows you to overwrite the cholesterol build-up and increases the size of the ship. Thrombolysis, meanwhile, is designed to inject a product which was able to melt the clot. A bypass can also be performed if it is necessary to short-circuit a part of the artery. In this case, the operation is to connect a number of the arteries. To prevent the problem to arise again, a stent can be placed.

If the ways to unclog the arteries are to be effective, require the patient to be supported in time in order to avoid that the heart is necrosis. After a myocardial infarction, as a result of atherosclerosis, arteritis of the lower extremities, a cerebral vascular accident or other incident related to a high blood pressure, it is essential to change their habits of life. Balanced diet, regular physical activity and cessation of smoking are necessary.

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