The mental health and well-being of older workers : why and how to age better ?

The mental health of seniors are worried about. Has just title. The global population is aging more rapidly, it is estimated that the percentage of older adults over the age of 60 worldwide is expected to rise from 12% to 24 % between 2015 and 2050. Focus on a major public health problem.

la santé mentale des seniors

The mental health of seniors : a definition

Difficult to formally define mental health. However, many experts agree that it depends on an intelligent dynamic – between the different aspects of our life : physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and economic – improving our well-being. Well-being which are necessary for the overall balance of the individual, of society and of his country.

The mental health of seniors : why is this a national priority ?

Among the seniors, it is necessary, or even essential to ensure an active and healthy ageing health. In fact, seniors as family members, volunteers or members of the active population have an important contribution to the company. Senior citizens occupy a prominent place, by their stories, they deserve the respect of young people and are often figure of guides.

The mental health of seniors : prevention

How to age well ? It’s simple : in order to age well, prevention is better than cure. Prevention is essential in the field of mental health.

Promote leisure time activities, have a good self-esteem, having a social life rich in order to combat isolation and loneliness, regularly practicing a physical activity, maintain a family atmosphere in stable and preserve its intellectual life are all factors to preserve her mental health.

The social linkwith family and friends, is a dominant, not to be overlooked. Quite the contrary, this variable plays a key role for a mental health balanced. How to foster the social link ?

Here are a few tracks, each with his recipe :
– meet new people : associations can help you in this while developing your centres of interest ;
– benefit from the dynamism of young people by rubbing shoulders, they will keep you in the news. Take advantage of your knowledge for the exercise of academic support, for example ;
– put themselves at the service of others by becoming a volunteer within the associative world : meet to feel useful enriches and develops self-esteem ;
– continue your business part-time does not cut any link with the professional world.

The mental health of seniors : a few figures

According to data from the WHO (World Health Organization), as of April 2016, it is estimated that approximately 15 % of persons older than 60 years suffer from a mental disorder. The percentage increases to 20 % if we include neurological disorders. The statement posed, it remains to establish the forms of these mental disorders. In this segment of the population, the disorders most frequently listed are dementia and depression ; 3.8% of the population is victim of anxiety disorder, 1 % suffers problems due to the abusive use of psychoactive substances. Other data is telling : a quarter of suicides for seniors.

Often overlooked or misdiagnosed, these ailments have a considerable importance in the protection of the capital mental health of seniors. Nowadays, the form of senior citizens is a major challenge.

The life of senior citizens can be greatly improved, or even extended by mental health is balanced, a well-being of body, mind and spirit.

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