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Organize, list, prioritize, dating… the whole, in a single book, personalized with his picture and imagined according to his own needs. This is the promise made by the new tool trend, in which craving maniacs of the organization as the procrastinators have repented. The object, a simple book, has the vocation to become the central memory of its owner, in order to “keep a trace of the past, organize the present and plan for the future,” says its creator has named his concept Bullet Journal (the “journal with fleas” in French).

Anne-Laure Vaineau
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“Take an APPOINTMENT at the dentist for Julie”, “Remind Martin about the seminar”, “Buy cereal for breakfast”, “Find a destination for the next holiday”. The list could continue indefinitely… they are noted on a piece of paper, a note on our smartphone, or simply in a corner of our brain, the task – personal as well as professional that we assign ourselves daily, from the most trivial to the most existential, tend to accumulate. Up to sometimes form a huge traffic jam in our heads. Result : we may forget some, neglect of others, have the impression to saturate, never to do anything as it should and when it should be. And strength, we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by a sense of failure and fatigue, constant mental.

If you think that it would just be more simple to try to do less and to stop trying to build the productivity and effectiveness in the true pillars of your life, go your way and go to enjoy the free time you just gained. For others, addicted to planning for well-ordered or in search of a solution to your eternal postponements to the next day, the Bullet Journal may be the tool you need.

How does it work ?



What material to choose ? How to starting a Bullet Journal ? The improve on a daily basis ? Elodie, the author of the blog SohoHana to explain to you in her illustrated book Bullet Revolution (Dunod). Perfect for beginners !

The system is intended as minimalist : a blank notebook and a pen. In reality, entering the world of “Bujo” (the nickname that fans give to their Bullet Journal), it is to put one foot in the abundant universe of stationery and DIY (Do it yourself). What book ? What are the pens ? What markers, crayons, stickers and other masking tapes (kinds of adhesive tapes, decorative) to choose ? The Bullet Journal is not a simple diary, or a notepad enhanced, it is a real book personalized, a diary, and, simultaneously, an external hard drive of our brain. It must be aesthetic, functional, but also fulfilling. Both by the satisfaction of duty accomplished, that he set (each task performed is striped, checked, or, in one way or another, “validated”) by the enjoyment of his achievement itself. And for those who have not too artistically ? The market is full of alternatives : models to print or copy, stickers to buy…

The origin of this concept, a graphic designer new york (Ryder Carroll) that the video, which summarizes in a few steps (and in English) the creation of the famous tool, continues to do the world tour three years later.

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Once these images have been viewed (even after having read or worked on the many tutorials that abound on the web), it would only remain then to begin : find the book and the material suited to our desires and our budget, build our own coded language (a chip for a task, a round for an appointment, an arrow for a report etc…) then create the site map. Annual Planning, monthly, weekly. Page birthdays. Routines (beauty, wellness, sports). Lists of life. Objectives, readings, cinema, exhibitions… Anything is possible and imaginable.

It is then a matter of getting down to list, and then prioritize, everything that until then was spinning in our brains and on our various bits of paper. And to make it fit in the right boxes.

At this point, theoretically, the hard part is done. It remains for you to hold on and you hold on a daily basis with the use of this new tool that aims to revolutionise your life and send you to rest your mind. Provided you do not use it all the time won for colouring pages… But rather to take advantage finally of your hours released. Without having to think of what awaits you tomorrow ?




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