The template for the letter of termination for your mutual health

Regardless of the reasons for why I wish to terminate my mutual, I must send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the organization to which I signed my contract. Here is a sample letter of termination of mutual.

Proceed to the termination of my health insurance is possible, if, for example, I am now covered by the mutual, obligatory, my company, or simply because of the guarantees, and the waiting period of my supplementary is no longer suitable for my new situation. After such termination, I will be free to get involved in the organization of my choice, the image of Cocoon, a health insurance specialist for seniors that requires no health questionnaire for underwriting. Some want to break my contract of mutual, now I have to write a letter of termination on mutual respect with the legal provisions to be adequate. For the draft, here is a template letter of termination of mutual below.

Le modèle de lettre type de résiliation pour votre mutuelle santé

Model termination mutual : the letter type

Issuer :
First Name Last Name
Recipient :
Name of the mutual

Subject : Termination agreement and mutual (add the reason for termination)
No of participant :
No contract :

(City) on (date)

“To the attention of dear Sir/Madam” or ” Madame, Monsieur “
(here, use the “To the attention of dear Sir/Madam” and specify the name of the person of the mutual is normally employed in the folder, otherwise, a simple ” Madame, Monsieur “)

Participant(e) of your mutual since (date), I request you, by this letter, the termination of my subscription. I want to put an end to my contract no (contract Number) (complete here for the reason of the termination, to choose from the reasons below) :
– his arrival at maturity date ;
– an increase in contributions is not justified ;
– my subscription to the mutual binding of my company ;
– the non-receipt with my schedule annual of the information note on the tacit renewal of my contract and my ability to renounce as stipulated by the law Chatel of January 25, 2005 ;
– my status change (please specify what changes : relocation, marriage, professional, etc) ;
– etc

In the case of a change of situation and a subscription of a health insurance mandatory, think to join a document and indicate in the letter at this place.

I thank you for proceeding with the termination of my contract of mutual health to the receipt of the letter, and I beg you, if any, of me informed.

Remaining at your entire disposal for any further information, I beg you to accept, Madam, Sir, my best regards.

First Name Last Name


What is the procedure to be followed to send this letter of termination mutual ?

Regardless of the reason for the termination of my health insurance, it is necessary to send the letter of termination mutual in the form of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt (recorded delivery). The time of my shipment are the following :
– the period of notice listed in my contract (most often 1 to 2 months) in the case where my contract reaches its maturity date and that I wishes to terminate the agreement on its anniversary date (either by choice or because I wish to refuse an increase in contributions) ;
– 20 days after the date sent by my mutual mail information regarding the expiration of my contract if this shipment was made less than 15 days prior to the date of termination. The evocation of the act of Châtel in the mail ;
– at any time, effective upon the date of renewal of the contract if the mutual has not sent any e-mail information regarding the expiration of my contract. Again, to refer to the act of Châtel in the mail ;
– Maximum of 3 months after the change of circumstances that should cause the termination of the contract, excluding the maturity date ;
– at the time of the beginning of the contract my mutual mandatory if this is the start of it which should cause the termination of the contract. The organization that I request to leave may, however, ask me a period of notice of 30 days.
In the case of non-response of the mutual, he must try to contact by phone. If a case settles, it is possible to approach a consumer association such as 60 Million consumers, or the UFC What to Choose.

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