The reimbursement of drugs by your mutual

Drugs constitute the largest item of support of the mutual health Cocoon, which indicates the importance that citizens attach to these expenses. Accordingly, the reimbursement of medicines is one of the elements to be taken into account in the choice of the form of health insurance.
Seniors are particularly affected by fees and expenses related to medication when certain pathologies are treated regularly with drugs, that is to say by taking a weekly or even daily, depending on the case.
Each package offers different levels of guarantees of repayment. After study, choose a contract that suits your budget and your repayment requirements.

Remboursement médicaments

The health costs related to drugs : what are the reimbursements from the sickness Insurance ?

A part or the whole of the sums expended for the purchase of medicines is supported by health Insurance. The presentation of the carte vitale at the pharmacy avoids to pay the part reimbursed by the sickness Insurance. No advance fees : this is the principle of the third-party payer, the applicable reserve to accept the drugs so-called generic.

For that they are cared for, the medication must :
be prescribed by a health professional ;
– be on the list of reimbursable drugs established by ministerial decree.

The reimbursement rates vary between 15 % and 100 % depending on the type of drugs :
– 100 % for medicines recognized as irreplaceable and expensive ;
– 65 % for drugs with medical major or important ;
– 30 % for medicines to the medical service rendered moderate, homeopathic medicines, and some extemporaneous preparations ;
– 15 % for drugs with medical service low.

Specifically, if we take the example of a box of medicines in the amount of 20 €, and that this drug is reimbursed at 65 %, the Insurance shall reimburse me 12,5 € (13 € – 0,5 € deductible). A deductible of 0,5 € is charged for each medicine taken in charge by health Insurance. Deductible that may not exceed 50 € per year and per insured person.

The health costs related to drugs : what are the returns of my mutual Cocoon ?

For the cost of the drugs covered by sickness Insurance : the mutual Cocoon, pays 100 % of the schedule of repayment of social security.
Continuing the example above : my insurance Cocoon provides a reimbursement of € 7 in addition to the amount of 12.5 € reimbursed by health Insurance. The remaining burden is therefore 0.5 € corresponding to the franchise.
For the costs of the medicines are not supported by health Insurance (including contraception) : the health insurance Cocoon offers a refund of 100 €, 150 €, 200 € per year depending on the formula chosen : Comfort, Comfort + or Privilege. Cocoon compensates for the déremboursement generalized so that the disengagement of the social Security does not penalize the insured.

Cocoon, a mutual health that looks like me

Cocoon works without commitment, without any formality, without medical questionnaires. The flexibility is its major asset. A complementary health Cocoon offers several formulas to guarantee my health. Of thehospitalization to the field of dental, through theoptical or the drugs, according to the chosen formula, I can benefit from repayments suited to my budget. With Cocoon I remain protected even when I’m an expatriate.

In conclusion, we must remember that the social Security pays 65% (thumbnails white), 30 % (thumbnails blue) or 15% (thumbnails orange) of the tariff convention for the drugs. The mutual will complete this refund, depending on the formula chosen.

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