The sport and seniors : The key to staying in good health ? Benefits, tips

The sport for a senior, it is the health ! A maxim which can be verified easily by the fact that older people sports tend to live longer, and enjoy a better autonomy than the others. What you should know on the subject ?

maladies liées à l'age

Why play sport when you are a senior ?

Aging is the cause of many physical problems such as decrease in muscle strength and bone mass, stiffening of the arteries, and joints, and an increase in the propensity to contract diabetes or other age-related diseases.

However, sport has virtues that are obvious to the seniors, since it allows this population to stay in shape, but to also live longer and in better health, with a gain of life expectancy is very net. The benefits of physical activity are also mental and intellectual in contributing to the maintenance of the moral and cognitive capabilities.

How to get back to the sport ?

Get back to the sport at age 50 involves selecting an activity that corresponds to their physical capabilities and their state of health. This is why it is advisable to make an appointment with his doctor for a routine visit, or follow a balance of prevention, which is sometimes proposed by the mutual or complementary.

It is also possible to choose a sports coach, specializing in public older in order to benefit from advice athletes to seniors on the best way to practice : choose the right time of the day, learn how to do his stretches, finding the perfect pace, etc

The sport is risky beyond a certain age ?

The sport is very beneficial for the elderly of any age and any condition. However, there are several risks when doing a sport 60 years and over : shortness of breath, pressure increased, fall, muscle injury, joint pain, etc

To avoid these inconveniences, it is necessary to respect some rules : warm-up before each activity, making movement slow and regular, maintaining at all costs its joints, use materials that are safe and secure. Above all, it should always go at its own pace without putting themselves in danger unnecessarily. The sport aims to help you to get better, and not the reverse !

What are the best sports for seniors ?

There is not, strictly speaking, the best sport to senior, because each person has a different morphology and specific requirements to adhere to. So far, various physical activities are particularly beneficial for the elderly in a general way : walking or hiking, swimming, gymnastics, cycling, weight training, etc

Moreover, it is likely that you do them already of physical activities that are conducive to your health without you realizing it ! For example, do the gardening or go shopping on foot is not considered a sport, but can have positive effects similar…

In a senior, sport and health are strongly linked, but they are also impacted by other factors, such as thepower supply. The fact you continue to eat healthy when you age is essential to increase their life expectancy, to the extent possible. Old age can, in addition, involve to change their eating habits to adapt to disease, illness, or deficiency. This is why it is advisable to follow with attention to nutrition, the senior corresponding to your physical condition and your specific needs.

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