Lesson of wisdom navajo : learn to not take

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In the eyes of the peoples, the roots, wanting to take is a characteristic of the Whites, in their relations with others and nature.

Frederika Van Ingen
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For the Navajo

“Look me in the eye when you tell me ! “Here is an injunction unthinkable for the Navajo. Among the Diné, “the people”, as they call themselves, polite to the contrary : “For them, look the other in the eyes during the exchange, it is to want him to take something,” explains Lorenza Garcia, a visual artist and singer, passeuse in France of navajo culture.

The sight of the nations roots, this is also a characteristic of the Whites, in their relationship to others as to the nature : to want to take. For the Navajo, look the interviewer in the eye is symptomatic of this. Through the window of the soul, the one who listens becomes a little voyeur. And the one who speaks, seeking to please, is lost a little himself.

Gold for them, the quality of this inner space from which we speak is essential to preserve, to maintain hozho. This last term covers nine qualities : beauty, joy, compassion, prosperity, love, consciousness, health, harmony, and humor. Maintain hozho in itself and around itself, even and especially in the face of adversity, is, in their view, the function of the human being : to become the crossing point of harmony between heaven and earth.

And at us ?

The exchange, by a simple set of eyes, can turn into gain or loss of power, conscious or not. Flee the look in speaking is to us rather inappropriate. Nevertheless, the spirit of this way to make Dinner is worth to grow. Despite this visual connection, you can try to stay, in a convertion, at the heart of the self. Experience his emotions without being in reaction, to slow down the speech rate, providing the time of one breath.

And, why not, divert the eyes to observe the world, while considering the colour of this relationship that is woven in the heart of the landscape…

The great awakening

The Navajos live on the largest reservation in the United States from Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. In 1868, only nine thousand survive the forced march to which is subjected this people to the end of the wars of conquest. Today, they are about three hundred thousand, and wake up their language and culture.

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