The social commitment, ideal source of human contact for seniors

The human contact is often what is most missing to seniors when approaches the time of retirement. Accustomed to interact with their colleagues, their friends, etc, seniors are struggling sometimes to find new sources of social relationships outside of their professional activity. And when this happens, the depression is never very far away. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for building new human relationships : social commitment !

engagement social seniors

What is social engagement ?

As its name indicates, the social engagement is to engage, personally, in favour of a social cause that is dear to you. One of the benefits of social engagement, is that it can take a variety of forms : volunteering in a sports association, humanitarian work or charity, taking responsibility in the office of an association, law 1901, etc., The social engagement is also and especially a solution for seniors who want to make new friends and feel useful.

The social commitment : a good way to make new friends

The social commitment to the seniors is without a doubt what is best to weave the social bond pure, without the research of professional interests or ambition of reference of the lift. It enables seniors in search of human relationships, make new friends around activities and shared values. Many and many are seniors to supplement their book of friendly contacts in working, on a daily basis or a more ad-hoc, alongside other members of the association. The sports clubs, cultural associations, religious, charitable, etc, represent in fact a true breeding ground of personalities that it is often good to work with. Thus, you can avoid the isolation, loneliness, and include about yourself, three attitudes that are harmful to the health of seniors.

The social commitment : the solution to feel useful

Ideal to build relationships and make new contacts between seniors or between persons of any age, the social engagement is also a great way to feel useful. In the twilight of your professional life, you are probably more concerned(e) to your fair value on your work environment. But you remain at the head of a lived experience and a life experience that many others, young as well as seniors, can easily take advantage of. Engage socially, it is also be useful to other by passing on the learnings and lessons of your past experiences. The transmission is a real source of well-being among seniors who, feeling useful to society, commit themselves even more strongly in their activities of seniors. And there is, it is the great good news in this area, multiple opportunities to engage socially, you feel useful and you make new friends. You can, for example, collect clothes around you, or knitting clothes for the then offered to the most disadvantaged. You have other suggestion, the ability to help the younger students by opening the doors of your accommodation for a shared senior-junior often very rewarding on a human level. If you are out of inspiration for you to engage socially, be aware that many associations are often calls for candidates to find new partners and volunteers. It is sometimes the right solution to make the first step towards a social commitment is a senior sustainable.

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