The 10 benefits of offering Cocoon

In search of the best health insurance possible for me and for my family ? Welcome to Cocoon ! Here are the top 10 benefits of the offer that offers me my new insurer.

 avantages cocoon assurance

1. Of the teams in my listening…

The quality of the service is the one of the first highlights of the proposed offer by Cocoon. The teams are at my disposal throughout the week to listen to my needs, my expectations, my comments if any. A team of customer advisors, all based in France, is available by telephone and by e-mail to answer all my questions. My mutual also has a website modern and easy to use in everyday life.

2. …and reactive

Whatever the reason that prompts me to contact my mutual, the advisers make it a point of honor to bring me an answer in the shortest possible time. In Cocoon, no waiting time to modify a contract, get information, etc, The reactivity is a part of the qualities of my insurer !

3. The transparency of tariffs

Too much of the insurance contracts offered to seniors or to families are still today, very opaque, in particular as regards the prices charged. With my insurer, the rates are clear and transparent. Thanks to the online quote, I can assess in just a few clicks, from my PC, my tablet or my smartphone, the amount of my mutual.

4. The quality of the refunds

The quality of repayments is involved to make Cocoon the best mutual on the market. 100 % of the basis of reimbursement of social Security to 300 % or even more, depending on the formula chosen and the care in question, my supplementary health allows seniors to retain the same purchasing power in spite of the potential onset of health problems.

5. A offers flexible

An event unexpected ? A change in my life (cessation of activity, early retirement, etc) ? My supplementary are distinguishable from other mutual to me, offering mutual insurance, health flexible. A simple touch is enough to change my contract of mutual.

6. Packages special

My mutual offers insurance already designed to respond to specific situations. This is particularly the case with the offer hospital insurance that ensures a perfect protection against accidents of all kinds.

7. Offer specialized for seniors

Seniors, retirees, or called to be in a few years, represent the core target of the insurer. As a result, the offers have already been thought to cover the needs of this special population. With Cocoon, I will access to a better mutual perfectly suited to my situation.

8. A-to-measure protection

Eyeglass wearer, but not a hearing aid ? Follower of a sport activity to stay in shape, or, on the contrary, prone to health problems regular ? Cocoon is based on a mode of operation that allows me to choose my mutual to deal with my own needs.

9. An adaptation to situations

Regardless of my situation (expat…), the Cocoon is a health organization that fits my situation by offering me a health insurance that will protect me in all moments of my life, even abroad.

10. Insurance without commitment, without all the formalities

In Cocoon, the commitments, they are the ones who take them, not me ! Thanks to the flexibility of the insurance offers, I am totally free of my choice. I can, for example, decide to change my contract or cancel it at any time.

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