The 5 best exercises for seniors

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The gymnastics is strongly recommended for seniors who wish to continue or resume a sports activity. But because one does not practice the gym the same way when one has more than 50 years, here are the 5 best exercises for seniors to perform a solo or in a group.

gymnastique senior

The benefits of gymnastics, senior

Gymnastics senior is an excellent sport for senior citizens. It is not intended to sculpt athletic body, but in priority to :
• develop the range and flexibility of movements ;
• strengthen the balance, the reflexes, the cardiovascular system, coordination of movements ;
• to combat the muscle loss ;
• and most importantly : keep your spirits, feel good, be comfortable in daily life. Because the purpose of gymnastics, senior is two-fold : to act on the physical ; and promote the overall well-being through the effort, the production of endorphins and the fact of working in a group.

A few tips before you begin

The practice of gymnastics senior is very simple and accessible. These exercises can be done at home or in a club. At home, ten minutes per day is enough to keep the shape. In the ideal, it is necessary to be placed in front of a mirror to check his movements, or ask another person to correct it if need be. In a exercise of gymnastics, senior, breathing is essential : you breathe in on the effort and it expires on the release. It should also be borne in mind that a senior is in need of a recovery time greater than the time of the year. And the warm-up is essential !

5 years of gymnastics, senior

Here is a selection of the 5 exercises, the senior among the best for the body and for the mind :
• strengthening of back muscles : lying on your back, legs bent, back knee right on the chest and shoots up to make get in touch the thigh with the abdomen, if needed helping hands ; we did the same thing on the left side. You rest 15 seconds in position and you repeat 2 to 3 times ;
• strengthening of the glutes : lying on the ground, on the side, the leg on the ground bent, the other leg stretched ; we take off the leg, the tip of the foot turned inward, one up at small amplitude in feeling his hip. We did 2 sets of 15 repetitions ;
• strengthening of the pectoral muscles : lying on the back, we take two small dumbbells (or failing that, two bottles of water), we put aside the arm and then it tightens in contracting under the chest ; the inspiration is made in the descent, the expiration of the climb. We did 2 sets of 15 repetitions ;
• shoulder strengthening : lying down, grasp a dumbbell lightly between the hands and stretches his arms out behind the head as far as possible, by opening the thoracic cage ; then it brings the weight up by contracting the abdominal muscles. We did 2 sets of 15 repetitions, smooth ;
• muscle building and muscle reflex : two, each sitting on a chair face-to-face, at a distance of 1 metre ; the person makes gestures that will meet person B : if A raises his right hand, B gives a punch of the right side ; if A lower the right hand, B gives a kick ; if A raises his right hand above the head, B rises to give a punch ; etc .. One can find a multitude of variants. At the end of 10 repetitions, we exchange the roles.

Exercises good for the body, mind and spirit

Gymnastics senior offers many other exercises to discover as a group. The important thing is to practice a regular sporting activity for the benefit of the body, and especially of the practice with several for the blessings of the spirit : gym, jogging, hiking senior… you choose !

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