The 5 best sports to play for the senior

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In a sport after 50 years ? All doctors will tell you : it is a great idea. On condition to remain cautious and to favour low-risk activities, because the body of the elderly do not respond as well to the demands of the physical effort. To help you choose, here is a list of the 5 best sports for seniors !

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Seniors : choose your sport !

After the age of 50, all sports activities are good for practicing. The body weakens, the muscle mass is reduced, the cardiovascular system is no longer as strong as before, the equilibrium is disturbed and the joints stuck. In short, the body of a senior is no longer what it was ! This is the reason that some physical activities are recommended, those that promote an effort long and very intense. While other, more violent, or more demanding, are to be avoided in order to avoid any risk. Here is our selection of 5 best practices of sport for an older person.

1. Walking and hiking

The best sport for senior is without a doubt walk the walk, as well as all its derivatives. Activity basic feasible everywhere, walking adapts to most situations. It requires the entire body without brutality and prevents/slows osteoporosis. Its more ” sporty “, hiking, senior, produced positive effects on the cardio-respiratory system, especially above 1 500 metres altitude. Except to suffer from heart failure or respiratory material, or osteoarthritis advanced joint lower (hips, knees), it is perfect for all the seniors.

2. The foot race

This is an activity very beneficial for seniors : all the muscles and all the joints are stressed, as well as the cardio-vascular system. It is, however, run at your own pace, without forcing, and focusing on endurance rather than performance. The coronary artery disease and serious respiratory and osteoarthritis severe knee or hip in the prohibit, however, the practice.

3. Cycling

In the list of the best sports for seniors, cycling occupies a place of choice : good for blood circulation, to breathing, to muscle coordination, balance, and of course for the heart. On a bike, it is less sensitive to the weight of the body, which may represent a net advantage. Attention, however, in the case of osteoarthritis of the knee.

4. The gymnastics and other activities-soft

The practice of the gym as a senior and its derivatives (yoga, tai-chi, water aerobics, etc) is beneficial for the whole body : strengthen muscles, retain flexibility and balance, etc It is also excellent for the mind, as are all the activities that are practised in a group, because it provides the opportunity for seniors to sociabiliser and spend time together.

5. Swimming

Swimming also benefits well with the muscles (arms, legs, back) to a capacity breathing, and motor coordination. By relieving the weight of the body, it is ideal for people who suffer from osteoarthritis, and for practicing sport after the age of 60 in all cases. She knows that a contraindication : in case of angina pectoris, do not plunge suddenly in water that is too cold.

Some tips for good practice

Before you embark on one of the best sports for seniors, it is important to keep in mind that do the sport for 50 years is not the same thing as practicing a sports activity to 20 or 30 years. Thus, it is necessary :
• perform a medical check-up ;
• to focus on a gentle practice ;
• make small, daily efforts and regular ;
• to adapt his / her diet. Your doctor and associations can give you valuable advice in sport as a senior. Please do not hesitate to ask !

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