The principles of operation of a mutual

Today, subscribe to a mutual insurance is a must if one wishes to obtain a good health cover. What are the principles of operation of a mutual ? How to subscribe to it ? How are made the repayments offered by a mutual ? These are questions which it is important to provide answers.

fonctionnement mutuelle santé

What is a mutual ?

A mutual, also referred to as complementary health, is a non-profit organization. Its main role is to offer its members a system of social protection and pension. It generally shows the mutual as the body that will allow to obtain the repayment of a portion (or all) of health care costs that are not covered by social Security.

How does a mutual ?

The operation of a mutual is based on a democratic mode of governance, based on the solidarity of the contributions. These are the members who help, by their contributions, the funding of social security coverage to complement it. Each member of a mutual represents a voice in this process of democratic governance. Each is therefore free to play a role in the management of its mutual participant, in particular, to elections officials. The operation of mutual societies is also framed by the law and by the Code de la Mutualité. Regular reformed to adapt to the european directives, this legal framework sets out in detail the obligations of mutual societies, in particular as regards the obligations of financial prudence of insurers.

How to subscribe to a mutual ?

Today, there are several solutions to purchase a mutual. Whether one is a senior near retirement, a young man who was active in the CSD, the mother of a family in CDI, each may subscribe to a mutual on the internet, by mail, by phone, or by agency. Each of these solutions presents its own advantages. Traditional Solution by excellence, the travel agency is possible only when the mutual selected has space to receive physically its members. In the air of the time, the web is now crucial. It allows you to more easily compare the bids to each other and allows especially of subscriptions in just a few clicks, without having to move from her home. Some mutual like Cocoon even offer the possibility of achieving accurate quotes online in refining the options, guarantees, etc To go further, Cocoon even helps its members to decipher and to read their insurance card.

How the repayments of a mutual ?

The repayments of a mutual vary according to the formulas selected. They generally fluctuate between 100 % of the rates SSRB (basis for reimbursement of social Security), and, for some services, more than 300 %. Cocoon has come up with a few different offers to allow me to get the best repayments on benefits that concern me personally and/or my situation (expat…). In the majority of cases, refunds are made by bank transfer to the account of the subscriber through the remote transmission system NOEMIE.

How to update his / her rights ?

To be able to fully enjoy my mutual, it is important to update my rights regularly. For this, you just need to update my carte vitale so that it can contain all the latest information provided by my organization on social protection and contained in the contract that I have selected from among the offerings proposed by my mutual. It is also important to retain with itself the latest version of the membership card sent to you by the mutual.
Subscribe to a mutual appears to be necessary. I now have all the keys in hand to properly understand the functioning of a mutual and the principle of the reimbursement rate to make a choice in full knowledge of the facts.

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