The key to understanding his or her contract of mutual

To choose my complementary health, it is essential to understand the content of the contracts offered by the various mutual benefit societies, and in particular the terms that are frequently used by these organizations.

The mutual that I’m going to choose will allow me to have an extra protection of the mandatory regime of social Security-also referred to as health Insurance. Indeed, health Insurance does not pay all of my health expenses. If owning a mutual is not taxed in france, the great majority of the French subscribed to a to get the best rebates on the cost of their health.


Understand my mutual : the guarantees in my contract

The different services of additional coverage offered by the mutual companies are called guarantees. If I am senior, I need a contract of mutual with safeguards that meet my health needs. Attention, therefore, to have a good look at the guarantees offered in terms of consultations, hospitalizations, care and reimbursement of medicines.
It is also necessary to study the different rates of reimbursement established by the future mutual. A reimbursement rate of 100 % on a care doesn’t necessarily mean that I will be refunded all of my fees, but that the share reimbursed by the social Security, added to that reimbursed by the mutual, will reimburse me the full price of reference of the care in question.
If, for example, my doctor doesn’t practice excessive fee, on a consultation at € 23 (tariff of reference), I will be refunded the full least € 1 of share of fixed and non-refundable. Social Security pays 70% on to this price reference, and the mutual will take care of the rest.
But if my doctor offers consultations to 35 €, my social Security will not reimburse more than in the previous example. With a repayment rate of my mutual 100%, I will only be refunded to that of the reference amount, there will still be 13 € (35-23 + £ 1 share, lump) in my office for this consultation. Only a reimbursement rate of 200 % or 300 % will allow me to be covered in full or in part.

The termination of my contract of mutual

Like any contract, the contract of mutual may be terminated by the member. This termination is possible if a change occurs in the personal circumstances of the latter (a change of job, marriage, etc). For example, the French law obliges companies in the country, since January 1, 2016, to the benefit of all their employees of a mutual binding, of which a portion of dues is paid by the employer. In this case, the member employee may terminate his or her old mutual, warranting a new subscription to its mutual enterprise.
The termination of my mutual contract must be done by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt with the time limits that differ depending on the reason for the termination. Nevertheless, it is necessary to read the contract to see if the termination conditions are noted. Attention : a contract of mutual, which will come to an end does not expire automatically. I have to terminate it by complying with the notice period indicated in my contract.

Understand my mutual : the waiting period

When a doctor prescribes for me a stop of work, the start of my period of inactivity is not supported by health Insurance. This number of days prior to which the support starts is called the waiting period, and differs from the sector that belongs to my profession (public or private sector) and of a possible collective agreement. In terms of health insurance, this waiting period prevents me to get a refund on an expenditure incurred in the period. This period differs according to each complementary health. In Cocoon, there is, for example, no waiting period.

How to properly choose my mutual ?

Understand my mutual allows you to make the right choice in terms of complementary health. Several types of organizations offer. The operation of a mutual is based on a principle of solidarity between its members. Health insurance, Cocoon is the only group that specializes in the health of seniors to offer a offers a fully flexible and adaptable to my personal situation. So how do you choose my mutual ? Thanks to a simple online quote to suit my health needs. I will be able to discover the warranties and guarantees offered by Cocoon at very advantageous rates.

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