The offer hospitalization Cocoon

Car Accident, bad fall, malaise, etc, accidents resulting in hospital admission are very numerous and extremely common. In the Face of charges that leads to a hospital stay, it is better to be proactive and have subscribed to a mutual that will protect me from a optimal way. Bring me the effective protection and complete, it is precisely the goal of my insurer with his or her hospitalization insurance.

 assurance hospitalisation cocoon

What is the hospital insurance Cocoon ?

The hospital insurance is an insurance that assures a perfect protection against accidents of all kinds. Available in two formulas (see below), it allows me to be protected(e) in the event of an accident.

The “more” of the hospital insurance Cocoon

As all of the offers Cocoon, the hospital insurance proposed has many advantages. Among them, the rates charged and the ability to customize its insurance attract the most new members. My insurer applies a policy of clarity and transparency on the pricing of contributions. Based on my situation, I am clearly informed(e) in advance of the amount of my contributions, without any bad surprise at the time to settle the monthly payments. With the site I have, moreover, the possibility of estimating, in a few clicks, the amount of my health insurance through the quotes online. The other strong point of the hospital insurance, it is his adaptability to my needs and my personal situation. Senior ? Has the search for a better health coverage ? Has the head of a tribe consisting of a number of children to effectively protect against accidents ? Cocoon allows me to modulate my contract of health insurance according to my needs. I can choose between different forms of protection, and opt for coverage and benefits.

The formulas of the hospital insurance Cocoon

The hospital insurance is offered in two formulas : the formula accident and the formula accident + illness. Each of them provides benefits assistance specific to cope with all situations. The quality of my care in hospital, however, remains the same. Only the nature of my stay in the hospital will impact the conditions of my refund hospitalization. I can easily enter into contact with one of the customer advisors for more information on my support in the hospital for a long stay or my care in-patient long-term with this insurance offer.

The reasons to subscribe to hospital insurance Cocoon

It is a fact not very pleasant to hear, but yet very real. More time passes, the greater the risk of one day having to go through the hospital increases. With their increasing fragility, seniors represent the core target of this offer insurance mutual health flexible imagined by my mutual. Past a certain age, a single bad fall can have a greater impact than the same fall in a young asset or a thirty-year-old. Anticipate the costs of hospitalization, and benefit from a good coverage as early as today to prevent an accident is therefore particularly appropriate for seniors. And this, even when we feel we have been spared from accidents, under the pretext that one leads an active lifestyle or that one has never attended the hospital facilities. By definition, an accident does not prevent. It touches all categories of people, even those who believed that they were safe. By providing a hospital insurance to the elderly, with a hospital insurance after age 65, my supplementary is positioned as an ideal partner to better understand the risks of life.
Subscribe to the hospitalization insurance of Cocoon it is, to shelter and deal with a possible hospital stay without worrying about their budget.

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