The offer of mutual health flexible Cocoon

In search of the best health insurance possible for me and for my family ? Welcome to Cocoon ! Here are the top 10 benefits of the offer that offers me my new insurer.

Anxious to provide the best service to its clients, Cocoon has chosen to develop an offer of mutual health flexible. Finished the insurance contracts that it is difficult to change. With Cocoon, I adapt my mutual at any time to meet personal needs-specific, a change of situation, etc

 offre santé modulable cocoon

What is the offer of mutual health flexible Cocoon ?

The offer of mutual health flexible Cocoon boils down to a simple concept : to enable the members to modulate their contract of mutual and their level of protection according to their wishes. For this, the new insurance brand dedicated to individuals (seniors, young people, families, etc) offers no less than 11 levels of protection. These different levels allow a first customization of the protection. They are accompanied by options and guarantees that may be subscribed/cancelled at any time to cope with changes in circumstances, a change of mode of life, etc

The benefits of a mutual health flexible

The mutual health flexible Cocoon has many benefits for the members. There or other mutual impose severe conditions and months of waiting to change a contract, simply give us a call for Cocoon to change an option, add a warranty, change of formula, etc At any time, it is the ability to tailor my health insurance to my own needs. The mutual health flexible allows me to anticipate the future or, conversely, to go back on benefits which I can now pass me. In this sense, the mutual health flexible Cocoon is an insurance which appeals to many seniors who face major changes in their life : retirement, the search for a better health coverage, need to have an interlocutor to listen to and easy to contact, etc, The families are also to be found many reasons for satisfaction in the provision of mutual health flexible. In a few minutes, they may change their contract to cover the new charges for dental treatment of their children, the purchase of glasses, etc

To a mutual health-to-measure

By proposing a mutual health flexible Cocoon is in reality pursuing a single goal : to convert the supplementary insurance classic in a mutual health-to-measure, customizable according to the needs of each participant. Now, seniors in good health, active in community life, be able to manage their insurance over the web from their PC, their tablet or their smartphone may exempt a contract that includes benefits that do not concern them. Conversely, seniors who have already experienced health problems in the past with Cocoon tailor their protection to their personal situation, to cover the costs to which they are subject with some regularity. In other words, the offer of mutual health flexible compared to a service which I can select the criteria that fit me at a specific time. It’s a bit as if I was preparing for my holiday with the choice of destination, the number of stars for the accommodation, meal plan, activities proposed, etc, And it is even better yet ! With Cocoon, I can modify these criteria whenever I want.

An offer of mutual health flexible transparent

With Cocoon, I has a transparency and clarity on the prices charged by my insurer. This transparency allows me to once again modulate my insurance policy mutual health according to the budget that I wish to devote to it. To learn more, I can get in just a few clicks, an accurate quote and a detailed online estimate of the amount of my contract of mutual health is modular in Cocoon. I would like to take my time on the website of Cocoon to discover the other offers of mutual health offers hospital insurance.

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