Mutual health : how to choose the formula adapted to its budget ?

Choose my mutual ? This is – among others – finding the perfect balance between the amount of repayments of my health expenses and the monthly payment amount of my additional health. It is the primary objective of any insured. Although the exercise is not easy, however, it is now achievable. In fact, more and more schemes are modular, customizable according to the needs of each individual. Here are the best tips to get there.

 Budget mutuelle

Choose the right formula ? First step : setting up my profile

Each person, in function of its needs in medical care, will define differently the concept of best mutual. Several criteria are taken into account to define the health insurance that we fully satisfy. Here are some, to mention only the main ones :
– the health needs ;
– the services included in the mutual ;
rates ;
– the repayment period ;
– the e-services ;
– the waiting periods ;
– the health questionnaire ;
– the availability of the advisors.
Establish its profile and its preferences is an essential step. In fact, a young student without any health problem, a senior or a young child with a chronic disease, do not have the same health profile and therefore the same needs.

The mutual insurance : what you need to know to choose !

How to find the balance so hoped for without sacrificing the repayments that matter, without an increase in the monthly budget that we are able to allocate a mutual health ? Not so simple, but far from impossible.
Below, all the advice, carefully studied, to help me meet my goals and finally find a contract of health at the best price/warranty :
– moderate my spending of health by assessing more than just my needs ;
– go benefits that are not essential in prioritizing the most important according to my profile defined in advance ;
– verify the existence of a network of health professionals partners of the mutual in order to save money and benefit from the network Santéclair
– avoid consultations or acts with excessive fee ;
– do not subscribe systematically to all of the proposed options ;
– search for good commercial operations (one or two months of contributions can be offered) ;
– reduce the membership fee by subscribing to several members of the family ;
– take advantage of the bonus : do not use a package optical or dental a year can benefit from a supplement of this package for the following year ;
– take advantage of the support services included in the contracts (hours of home help, child care, advance on the costs of the funeral, etc.).

Cocoon, a mutual health that looks like me

Choose Cocoon, it is to make sure I benefit from it, regardless of my class (seniors, active youth, students, retirees, managers, employees) benefits to the mutual : flexibility, modularity, accessibility… to name a few. A doubt after having compared the health mutuals? Don’t worry, the Cocoon is without commitment, you will be able to change each other easily in case of dissatisfaction.

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