Mutual health and complementary health care and health insurance : what are the differences and advantages ?

If the often confused terms of health insurance, supplemental health or health insurance, each appellation has its own definition. And a very specific function.

Mutuelle complémentaire assurance

My health, capital that I don’t neglect

It is true that for each of these organizations, the primary purpose is to compensate for the partial reimbursement of social Security in the event of consultation of a doctor. We think also to the support of specialty care (dental, optical, etc.), medication, or tests that may require hospitalization. By adhering to one or the other of these organizations, I am protected against the unforeseen health-related. If they offer similar services, and even complementary, their organization, their purpose and their status differ significantly in the eyes of consumers.

Differences and advantages between the different offerings to protect my health

In the same way as an association, the mutual preference of mutual assistance without profit. In fact, it offers guarantees and convenient services, including at the financial level. It works indeed, thanks to the contribution of its members. They vote for their representatives, who form the board of directors and the general assembly. The elected officials work on a voluntary basis and, in the case where the mutual releases of the profits of its operations, the excess may be distributed equally among the different members. In addition, by joining this type of organization, I am notified regularly of any changes or final decisions.

The health insurance are based on the same kind of organization, but these are private companies whose goal is to generate a financial margin. Again, the proposed contracts is used to repay what the social Security does not support, with various packages and offers that meet specific needs. Unlike a mutual health that shows his solidarity and does not demand medical examinations (even for seniors), a health insurance policy may consider the state of my health in a personal capacity to adapt its services. This has the aim of preventing the risks too important. In fact, the customer may interact with the decisions taken by the insurance company. Note that a bank may offer insurance. This is called ” bancassurance “.

For its part, an insurance company is able to present me with contracts of mutual health, but in this case, it is governed by the code de la mutualité. The functioning of the mutual then applies and allows for greater customer participation in the decisions of the company. The services offered by these different bodies are therefore equivalent, but with variable rates. It will all depend on my priorities : to give priority to a supportive approach which involves directly, or lucrative, and just as effective for my health.

Complementary health, brings together health insurance, mutual health, as well as the institutes of foresight. These organizations are supervised by professional trade unions, in order to obtain joint management between employee representatives and company representatives. Whether it’s a mutual pension fund or a supplementary insurance, I can find some information in order to discover the many opportunities available to me, as to call a broker or mutual choose mutual online.

Cocoon, health-care professionals in my listening

I am a senior, a young or active couple, Cocoon offers me tailor-made services that match up to my expectations. Just like the rates, the formulas are clear and perfectly understandable, to see what I get. Dental care hospitalization to home, Cocoon not only reimburse my medical expenses. The various forms (Eco, Comfort+, Privilege…) offer me a personalized follow-up that allows us to meet the urgent situations of the daily life, such as educational support or child care. Simple and accessible through the Internet or by telephone, the team of Cocoon makes every effort to offer the health insurance that meets my budget, while satisfying my needs.

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