Nothing lasts, right?

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Impermanence is a fundamental law of our existence and nature, of which we are a little bit of it. It is the only thing that is certain in our lives: everything changes. The change is, in fact, the reason for which anything can happen.

“Everything is changing. Nothing remains without change.” Buddha

All that you experience at this moment in your life will pass. All that you have acquired, everything that you feel – will. All the physical sensations you are feeling will pass. All of the thoughts that are at this moment also. Nothing lasts.

Contemplate our own impermanence is the “wake-up” the most powerful that a human being can have. It is one of the first taken of conscience of those who participate in a program or a workshop of full consciousness.

Spend a little time to contemplate the impermanence of everything in your life, including your own body. Learn to accept deep in your heart, and you will see a more beautiful life to unfold.

Sharing is caring!

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