What health insurance to choose based on my needs ?

What mutual choose ? The answer to this question requires to analyse the situation accurately. It is essential to make the right choice – to know her health needs to choose the most suitable formula in terms of the warranties and guarantees offered by the mutual companies.

choisir sa mutuelle

The role of a mutual

The taken in charge of the finances of the sickness Insurance do not guarantee a refund of the entirety of health spending. It is here that the mutual is involved, here that it finds its role, its reason to exist. In effect, the mutual offers of repayments more important in supplementing the reimbursements from the sickness Insurance. The choice of a mutual means to adapt to the family situation, the age of the persons to be insured (children, seniors…), the available budget, to the professional situation. Each mutual offers different formulas. There is no single formula for everyone : employee, without profession, senior, pensioner, student, children, new-born… mutual also offers additional services such as benefits, remote access to the network of professional partners, Santéclair, etc

How to choose my mutual ?

The benefits of the mutual Cocoon are many. And if I am not satisfied with its services, I can change each other easily and simply.
Compare the mutual between them is critical, therefore, to discover what the various players in the market are able to offer to me and also to measure all the benefits that Cocoon offers me. The comparison involves also a study on the rates/prices mutual to find the best offer. Compare the rates and the forms of warranties is very useful.

The advantages of my mutual health Cocoon

What health insurance to choose ? The choice is difficult. To help me, here are all the benefits of my mutual health Cocoon.
Cocoon, is to be sure that simply. The subscription is simple and immediate. The bid chosen is flexible on request. Without commitment, it is offer the possibility to change opinion, to change each other easily in case of dissatisfaction.
The pricing is transparent, clear and accurate : no hidden costs or fees. The prices are responsible : 5 % discount for the whole family as soon as I join at the same time as my spouse. Free is from the 3rd child
11 levels of security are possible. All refunds are paid within 48 hours.
Membership is possible for up to 80 years of age, no medical questionnaire and no waiting period.
A team of 1200 employees is constantly at my service, by phone, by mail, at my convenience. With Cocoon, I even has a mobile application to manage my contract and site Generation.fr to manage my account insured online. Be assured in the Cocoon also allows me to benefit from the assistance and the access to the network of professional partners, Santéclair.

Choose my mutual : latest tips useful

To choose a mutual company, one of the priorities is to understand the contract. In order to better understand the offers, and choose the formula most suited to my situation (expat…).
The offer Cocoon is wide to cover the needs of the greatest number. Its operation is simple and effective. Thanks to Cocoon I can benefit from the advantages negotiated through partnerships with various organizations.
A mutual for a single person presents an award to be very variable according to the enterprises and the levels of guarantee. Concretely, we can estimate the market price, between the lower end of the range and top of the range, between 20 € and 100 €.

How to calculate the repayment of your mutual depending on the type of care ?

The Insurance takes charge of all or part of the medical expenses incurred by my health problems. That repays me my mutual Cocoon ? That means a refund of 100 %, 150 %, 200 % of the SSRB ? What are the the best reimbursed ? The less well reimbursed ?
Understand the returns of my mutual, not so simple. Here are the essential points to be taken into account to fully understand your contract.

Calcul remboursement mutuelle

The role of my coverage supplementary health Cocoon

The mutual health Cocoon allows you to be reimbursed for part or all of my health expenses that are not covered by social Security. But at what height ?
Between the fare actually paid by the insured and the reimbursement of the Insurance, there is a difference called ticket modérateur. The mutual health Cocoon takes charge of all or part of the copayment, depending on the types of health care expenditures. It also supports other costs that are not reimbursed by social Security. This is the case of the daily hospital charge, of drugs such as certain vaccines, or contraceptives. Reimbursements are expressed in rates, depending on the type of act and on the basis of the price conventional. The mutual shall not refund the participation fee of € 1 applies to the consultations.

The repayments of my coverage supplementary health Cocoon : the 100% refund

A refund of 100 % means that the entire co-payment is refunded. How to calculate the reimbursement mutual ?
For example, for a consultation with a general practitioner respecting the tariff of convention – that is to say, they do not practice excessive fee – the insured will be reimbursed up to 22 € (23€ less 1€ flat fee). 15,10€ are reimbursed by the social Security and 6,90 € for my mutual Cocoon. The euro remaining corresponding to the participation rate. In the case of an excessive fee, the additional amount remains to be the responsibility of the insured.

The repayments of my coverage supplementary health Cocoon : the reimbursement to 200 %

A refund of 200 % means that my complementary health Cocoon supports the copayment plus the equivalent of a second rate convention. What will be the amount reimbursed by my mutuelle ?
For example, the tariff rate conventional a consultation with a neurologist is 37 €. The social Security pays for 24,90 €. If the consultation is charged at 80 €, the reimbursement to 200 % ensures a refund of 2×37€, 74€, less than 1€. It then remains the responsibility of the patient 7€ to pay. 100 %, the reimbursement is only 36 €.

The repayments of my coverage supplementary health Cocoon : the reimbursement to 300 %

A refund of 300 % means that my complementary health Cocoon will reimburse up to three times the basic rate of social Security. What refund my mutual offers me ?
For example, for a consultation of a general practitioner up to 69 € (3 X 23 €), Cocoon will support up to 53,90 € (69 € – 15,10 € supported by the health Insurance). Therefore, I will be fully refunded and not have to pay that £ 1 share fee.

Cocoon, a mutual health that looks like me

Seniors, active youth, students, retirees, managers, employees, etc. What are the warranties of the various forms of complementary health ? Cocoon is a mutual flexible, as evidenced by the conditions of termination. Practice, especially if I’m part of the employees to subscribe to the mutual binding of the company. Clarity and consistency are two key principles of the state of mind of the Cocoon : no waiting periods, no health questionnaire required.

What is covered by the mutual health in the event of the departure abroad ?

Expat or future expat ? Appropriate advice : learn it immediately on the system health of the host country.
Anyway, an international health insurance supplemental is strongly recommended. Social protection abroad is essential to cope with the vagaries of health and accidents.
Choose a formula that offers warranties tailored to your budget and your expectations to keep you protected in all circumstances.

mutuelle expatrié

Health Insurance and the expatriate : what operation ? What refunds ?

I am considered an expatriate if :
– I have been working abroad for a foreign employer,
I live abroad,
– my employer asks me to work abroad for a limited period of time, but has not chosen the regime of detachment,
I am detached, but the maximum period of detachment has been reached.
The situation of expatriate lost to the insured of his rights to the French health Insurance. The expatriate reports to the social security scheme of the country where he works and must contribute to this plan. However, he can choose to continue to benefit from the French health Insurance by joining the Caisse des Français de l’etranger (CFE).

Health expenses abroad

It is important to be very careful. In countries such as the United States, Canada, or some countries of Asia, medical care is very expensive, approaching sometimes of exorbitant amounts of money and disproportionate.
It is advisable to sign a contract that guarantees the reimbursement of medical expenses and medical repatriation in case of illness abroad.

The reimbursement of drugs by your mutual

Drugs constitute the largest item of support of the mutual health Cocoon, which indicates the importance that citizens attach to these expenses. Accordingly, the reimbursement of medicines is one of the elements to be taken into account in the choice of the form of health insurance.
Seniors are particularly affected by fees and expenses related to medication when certain pathologies are treated regularly with drugs, that is to say by taking a weekly or even daily, depending on the case.
Each package offers different levels of guarantees of repayment. After study, choose a contract that suits your budget and your repayment requirements.

Remboursement médicaments

The health costs related to drugs : what are the reimbursements from the sickness Insurance ?

A part or the whole of the sums expended for the purchase of medicines is supported by health Insurance. The presentation of the carte vitale at the pharmacy avoids to pay the part reimbursed by the sickness Insurance. No advance fees : this is the principle of the third-party payer, the applicable reserve to accept the drugs so-called generic.

For that they are cared for, the medication must :
be prescribed by a health professional ;
– be on the list of reimbursable drugs established by ministerial decree.

The reimbursement rates vary between 15 % and 100 % depending on the type of drugs :
– 100 % for medicines recognized as irreplaceable and expensive ;
– 65 % for drugs with medical major or important ;
– 30 % for medicines to the medical service rendered moderate, homeopathic medicines, and some extemporaneous preparations ;
– 15 % for drugs with medical service low.

Specifically, if we take the example of a box of medicines in the amount of 20 €, and that this drug is reimbursed at 65 %, the Insurance shall reimburse me 12,5 € (13 € – 0,5 € deductible). A deductible of 0,5 € is charged for each medicine taken in charge by health Insurance. Deductible that may not exceed 50 € per year and per insured person.

The health costs related to drugs : what are the returns of my mutual Cocoon ?

For the cost of the drugs covered by sickness Insurance : the mutual Cocoon, pays 100 % of the schedule of repayment of social security.
Continuing the example above : my insurance Cocoon provides a reimbursement of € 7 in addition to the amount of 12.5 € reimbursed by health Insurance. The remaining burden is therefore 0.5 € corresponding to the franchise.
For the costs of the medicines are not supported by health Insurance (including contraception) : the health insurance Cocoon offers a refund of 100 €, 150 €, 200 € per year depending on the formula chosen : Comfort, Comfort + or Privilege. Cocoon compensates for the déremboursement generalized so that the disengagement of the social Security does not penalize the insured.

Cocoon, a mutual health that looks like me

Cocoon works without commitment, without any formality, without medical questionnaires. The flexibility is its major asset. A complementary health Cocoon offers several formulas to guarantee my health. Of thehospitalization to the field of dental, through theoptical or the drugs, according to the chosen formula, I can benefit from repayments suited to my budget. With Cocoon I remain protected even when I’m an expatriate.

In conclusion, we must remember that the social Security pays 65% (thumbnails white), 30 % (thumbnails blue) or 15% (thumbnails orange) of the tariff convention for the drugs. The mutual will complete this refund, depending on the formula chosen.

What are the reimbursements of healthcare costs for a medical consultation ?

One of the many criteria for choosing a mutual is likely to be the master of its budget. Particularly among seniors. Retirees have to heart – to not only take care of their health, but also to control their accounts. It is essential to know the guarantees in his contract for several fundamental reasons : choose the formula most suited to its situation and to its budget, and an estimate of her payments.

remboursement consultation

What is the reimbursement for a medical consultation by health Insurance ?

The consultation of my doctor is in part reimbursed by the sickness Insurance, 70 % of the price of conventional. Some specific situations require a support consultations at 100 %. This is the case for pregnant women over 6 months of age and the beneficiaries of the CMU in particular.
My doctor is charging me 23€ consultation. The Insurance repays me 15,10 € (or 70% of the amount paid). The amount reimbursed takes into account a lump-sum contribution of € 1, restraint on each consultation (with the exception of under 18 years of age, pregnant women from the 6th month of pregnancy and up to 12 days after delivery, of the beneficiaries of the CMU are complementary…). Without mutual, the remaining burden amounts to 7,90 €.
Another possible case : my doctor directs me to another doctor for routine care or for an opinion. The rebate will also be 70% of the amount paid.

What is the reimbursement for a medical consultation by my mutual Cocoon ?

Cocoon offers 6 different formulas : Eco, Essential, Essential+, Comfort, Comfort+ or Privilege.
Each of them adapts to my situation, I was protecting the best. Whatever the chosen formula, for a consultation with a general practitioner is not practicing any overrun fee, the refund will be full. In fact, the refund rate for my mutual Cocoon varies between 100 % and 300 % of the formula is the most widespread.
For a consultation costing 23 €, the health Insurance I get paid for 15,10 €. Reimbursement physician mutual Cocoon will be 6.90 €. The total of the reimbursement is € 22. Therefore the cost is 1 €, corresponding to the charge retained on each consultation.

The operation of the third-party payer : how and for whom ?

The third-party payment allows the insured not to advance the money for her health costs (medical expenses, consultations, medication…). In general, the services concerned by the principle of third-party payment is based on the agreements established with the social Security. Only health professionals who have agreed to partner with Cocoon allow me to take advantage of this service. This is a real advantage for the insured. Seniors are aware of this practice, including retirees with modest pensions. The regulation of their budget is thus assured.

Cocoon, my mutual health

Cocoon works without commitment, without any formality, without medical questionnaires. The flexibility is its major asset.
My complementary health Cocoon offers several formulas to guarantee my health. Of thehospitalization to the field of dental, through theoptical or even the drug, according to the selected formula I can receive reimbursement suited to my budget. I will soon ’mleaving ? This is not a problem, since I will also be covered abroad.

Once the principles of the reimbursement of the social Security and return of the mutual controlled, it is easy for the insured to estimate its cost according to the medical acts performed. The choice of a mutual will be more clear, and more easy.

What amount of reimbursement can you expect for your glasses with a mutual ?

My sight problems are more binding ? It will be necessary to adopt the glasses with prescription glasses or contact lenses.
These facilities are often expensive, and scalable.
It is important to know the warranties from its contract health to know the level of coverage and an estimate of the rebates optical. Defects of vision are increasingly taking place ? It may be time to consider increasing the guarantees on this area.

Remboursement optique mutuelle

Health Insurance : what is supported, what are the reimbursements for my expenses optic ?

The ophthalmologist prescribed me with eyeglasses, or contact lenses. And I would like to know the repayments optic that I can expect ?

It is quite simple. Eyeglasses (frame and lenses) are supported on medical prescription, up to 60 % on the basis of the repayments optics provided by the social Security. The official tariffs are rather far from the prices charged at the opticians, even if these have tended to diminish.

For adults, the frame of spectacles is reimbursed at 60 % on the basis of a tariff set to 2.84 €. For glasses, this is variable, depending on the degree of correction. The refund is also 60 % on prices ranging from 2.29 € for a glass of white single-focus, sphere correction of-6.00 to +6.00-24,54 € for a glass of white multifocal or progressive, sphere, outside the correction area -8,00 to +8,00.
Contact lenses are also reimbursed at 60 % on the basis of an annual fee, from date to date, by eye, is fitted, attached to 39,48 €. This applies to all types of lenses : reusable or not, daily or weekly…

The refund can take place several times a year, if my vision is changing. My health insurance optical can support all or part of the expenses not reimbursed by health Insurance.

Cocoon : a mutual efficient optical

Cocoon distinguishes the glasses with single vision lenses and eye glasses with lenses complex in the different levels of warranty that it offers.

Glasses or contact lenses ? What choice to make ?

Depending on the formula chosen, the glasses with single vision lenses are reimbursed between 100 % and 375 € and the glasses with lenses complex are reimbursed between 100 % and 525 €. For example, I need glasses and I choose a-mount to $ 100 with two glasses of white progressive correction located between 4.00 combined power and +4,00, for a total of 200 €. The social Security reimburses only 1,70 € for my mount (60% of 2,84 € used as price reference), and 4.39 for, € by the glass (60% 7,32 € used as price reference). On the 200 € that cost me my glasses, in the absence of mutual health, 189,51 € remain in my care.

Attention, a refund from a mutual to a 100% does not mean that the mutual will take all the rest in charge, but only that it will add the add-in to achieve the rate of reference set by the social security 17,48 € for the previous example. Still far short of the 200 € more than my glasses I have cost. Therefore it may be interesting that I turn to a formula that pays up to 200 or 300%.

With Cocoon, the lenses are reimbursed at 100 % of the tariff repository, regardless of the formula chosen. Reimbursement perspective of the mutual amounted to 78,96 € per year for the two eyes (39,48 e by eye).

Seniors are very susceptible to vision problems, it is necessary for them to opt for the coverage of maximum guarantee to ensure the best reimbursement mutual optical possible. However, vision problems can affect anyone, regardless of age. Also, even executive employees, assets, non-assets must feel concerned by this health problem. Always most present with the number of screens that invade homes and offices.

Cocoon : a mutual complete

Cocoon it is more than 80 years of experience, 1 600 000 insured persons and 1 200 employees in the service of its members. In all circumstances, even if they are expatriates, Cocoon has only one objective, to meet the expectations of its policyholders. Hospitalization, dental, doctors, medicines, all the needs of health insurance is covered, with different levels of guarantee depending on the formula chosen. I only have to choose from in the offers the solution that suits me and I will be quiet, Cocoon provides for me.

What repayments to get with a mutual dental ?

Dental care, dental prostheses, orthodontics for adults, consultations to the dentist : what are the fees charged for these acts ?
Often, these acts are very expensive, therefore, it is essential to know what are the supported by the health Insurance. And to complete these refunds, a mutual fit is important.
Check now the guaranteed in my contract health allows me to know the terms of repayment.

Frais dentaires

Health Insurance : what is supported, what are the refunds for my dental expenses ?

Consultations with a dentist or a doctor stomatologiste agreement are supported by health Insurance to the tune of 70 % on the basis of contractual tariffs.
For example, for a consultation of 23 € in a surgeon-dentist, the insurance shall reimburse me 16,10 €, which is 70% of total amount paid. Without mutual it is therefore the responsibility of the patient, 6,90 €.

Dental care such as teeth cleaning, treatment of caries and surgical treatment such as extraction, are also taken care of by the Insurance if they are included on the list of acts and benefits refundable, and are reimbursed at 70 % on the basis of contractual tariffs.
For example, for a scaling paid 29,92 €, the health Insurance reimburses 70% of the amount paid 20,24 €. Without mutual it is therefore the responsibility of the patient, 9,68 €.

For dental prostheses, the principle is the same. For example, for a crown paid 107,50 €, the reimbursement will be 75,25 € or 70 % of the total amount paid. Without mutual it is therefore the responsibility of the patient, 32,25 €. But here, the rate of the dental prosthesis being free, beware of unpleasant surprises. The remaining burden is often very important.

The exceedances of fees are possible in some cases and are totally or partially reimbursed by certain mutual insurance companies ” dental “. The remaining burden is a part is non-negotiable, regardless of the action performed. The patient must strictly follow the regulations of the rest to load. Very often, a senior, a retiree, with a pension or average pension level, finds itself in a financial situation to be very uncomfortable. Hence the need to have a mutual fit.

Cocoon : my mutual dental effective

The dental costs are relatively expensive. In particular, because the rates of some of the practitioners are free, and there are acts out of nomenclature, therefore, not refundable by the social Security.

Cocoon provides a most important assumption for the care its members need. A commitment all the more important at a time when the health insurance offers reimbursement for dental increasingly thin.

In addition, Cocoon is a reward for the loyalty of its members. How ? By granting a bonus of 50 % in the case of non-use during the first two years for the dental. By choosing Cocoon, I opt for a mutual dental I provides optimal support in all circumstances.
For seniors, retirees, the expenditure related to the dental field are important. Advancing age, the care is often essential and always more expensive. Also, it is strongly recommended that seniors not to neglect this essential part of their health insurance.

Cocoon : a mutual complete

Cocoon has more than 80 years of experience, 1 600 000 insured persons and 1 200 employees who focus on quality of service, simplicity and flexibility to satisfy the expectations of its members in all situations. Each of the formulas proposed offers levels of service tailored to my needs. Hospitalization, optical, physicians, medication, it always a solution that suits me. With Cocoon I make the choice of peace.

Does your insurance cover your hospital expenses ?

That hospitalization in a public facility in a private clinic accredited by national and, in a clinic, private, not subsidized, some of the fees are taken in charge, subject to presentation of supporting documents, by the Insurance.
Other costs, however, remain the responsibility of the patient. This is particularly the case of the daily fee for hospital (valid for any stay of more than 24 hours). However, a mutual “hospitalization” may reimburse, in part or in full, any amounts remaining in the expense of the patient.
The guarantees of the different contracts are, therefore, to consult carefully to know the exact terms of reimbursement in case of hospitalization.

Frais d'hospitalisation

Health Insurance : what is supported and what refunds ?

80 % of hospitalization expenses are taken care of by the Insurance. The refund will be processed after the delivery of the voucher by the institution who have provided care to health insurance. The support of the care performed prior to or after the hospitalization are also taken into account : refund of 70% during a consultation with an anaesthetist before an operation, as did 60% of the rehabilitation sessions after a surgical procedure.

Hospitalization : what are the fees that remain in my care ?

At the end of the hospitalization, the patient will be responsible for :
– the amount of the copayment, corresponding to the part of the health expenditure after the repayment of the social Security (20 % of hospital expenses), as well as the daily fee for hospital, if it is not reimbursed by the mutual ;
– extras such as an individual room, telephone, tv ;
– passing medical fees.

The remaining 20%, some even supplements or exceedances of fees, may be supported by a mutual ” hospitalization “.

Cocoon : a guarantee hospitalization effective

Cocoon has created a guaranteed admission for all, and especially for seniors. With its offer hospitalization, Cocoon offers even greater peace of mind to its policyholders.
With the offers hospitalization, accidental and hospitalization from all causes, Cocoon offers a warranty from 6,95 € per month, for the whole family depending on the formula chosen. With a level of compensation that increases according to the formula, the daily allowance insurance Cocoon allow a refund of up to £ 600 per day.

Cocoon : a mutual ” hospitalization “

The health insurance Cocoon offers, in the event of hospitalisation, of refunds non-negligible, in particular from the formulas Comfort, Comfort+, and Privilege.
Indeed, beyond the cost of the stay and the operating room are reimbursed 100 %, these three formulas pay back 175 % to 300 % of the medical fees and surgical. And for my comfort, in case of hospitalization, I have access to a particular room (from € 40 to € 100 per day) and fresh TV (5 € to 8 € per day), supported by my health insurance Cocoon.

Cocoon : a mutual complete

With over 80 years of experience, 1 600 000 insured persons and 1 200 employees, choose Cocoon it is ensure just. With values such as quality of service, simplicity and flexibility : the Cocoon has only one goal : to satisfy the expectations of its insured, fully covered, even if they are expatriates.
Dental, optical, doctors, drugs : here are all of the levels of guarantee depending on the formula chosen. There is necessarily the solution that suits me.

What types of safeguards offer a mutual ?

Cocoon is the health insurance with ease. Everyone – especially seniors and retirees – will find the formula most suited to his situation, and at the best price.

type garanties mutuelle

11 formulas are proposed to protect the insured, depending on the medical situation, but also of its budget.

Each of these formulas provides safeguards to different, more or less extended. Before choosing one or the other form of mutual, it is essential to properly understand my contract in order to control the refunds possible, depending on the sector of care (hospitalization, routine care, dental, optical, etc.).
The warranties expressed in percentage are in percent of the basis of reimbursement of social Security, and this, within the limits of expenses actually incurred, proof.


The hospital is a cost center not to be overlooked. The fare is as much exponential as the length of my hospital stay increases. Medical and surgical fees are reimbursed between 100 % and 300 %. The costs of the stay and the operating room are reimbursed at 100 %, regardless of the formula chosen. About the comfort of my hospital stay, it will depend of course of the formula that I would have chosen. In fact, the particular room and ancillary costs, such as television, are more or less reimbursed according to my contract. When we know that the comfort of the sick may positively contribute to their healing, these costs are to be taken into consideration.

The current care

Routine health care (consultation with a doctor, medications prescribed, etc.) may be reimbursed between 100 % and 300 % depending on the formula chosen, between 0 € and 225 € for reviews preventive, between 0 € and 175 € for a vaccination and spa treatments reimbursed at least 100 % + 25 € per year, and up to 300 % + 175 € per year for the formula to be the most complete. The spa treatments and all preventive medicines are endorsed by seniors and retirees, more sensitive to their health.

The dental

Care conservatives are reimbursed at 100 % for all. Dental prostheses, as well as the inlay or onlay, such as orthodontics, crowns and cross the back teeth, may be reimbursed from 125% to 200 %. For crowns and inter-teeth in front, and the reimbursements vary between 125 % and 290 %.
The more dental : subsidy of 50 % at the end of the second year without use.

The optical

The optical glasses with single vision lenses are reimbursed between 100 % and 375 €, and the glasses with lenses complex between 100 % and 525 €. The lenses are prescribed and taken in charge by the social Security are reimbursed at 100 %. What are the safeguards to take into consideration in choosing a mutual, in particular for seniors who are, unfortunately, more prone to this kind of inconvenience.


The expatriate also has every interest in maintaining health insurance coverage satisfactory. Even abroad, it is essential to be well protected to receive the best care in the event of a problem. But the doctor’s fees abroad are often very expensive. Expatriates therefore have every interest in maintaining a good mutual in France and to think about the termination of a mutual company that does not cover abroad.

If the accession to the mutual requirement of the company that employs the expat is not imperative, it is possible to choose Cocoon. Without health questionnaire, with no waiting period, Cocoon allows you to stay well covered, even abroad.

The sport and seniors : The key to staying in good health ? Benefits, tips

The sport for a senior, it is the health ! A maxim which can be verified easily by the fact that older people sports tend to live longer, and enjoy a better autonomy than the others. What you should know on the subject ?

maladies liées à l'age

Why play sport when you are a senior ?

Aging is the cause of many physical problems such as decrease in muscle strength and bone mass, stiffening of the arteries, and joints, and an increase in the propensity to contract diabetes or other age-related diseases.

However, sport has virtues that are obvious to the seniors, since it allows this population to stay in shape, but to also live longer and in better health, with a gain of life expectancy is very net. The benefits of physical activity are also mental and intellectual in contributing to the maintenance of the moral and cognitive capabilities.

How to get back to the sport ?

Get back to the sport at age 50 involves selecting an activity that corresponds to their physical capabilities and their state of health. This is why it is advisable to make an appointment with his doctor for a routine visit, or follow a balance of prevention, which is sometimes proposed by the mutual or complementary.

It is also possible to choose a sports coach, specializing in public older in order to benefit from advice athletes to seniors on the best way to practice : choose the right time of the day, learn how to do his stretches, finding the perfect pace, etc

The sport is risky beyond a certain age ?

The sport is very beneficial for the elderly of any age and any condition. However, there are several risks when doing a sport 60 years and over : shortness of breath, pressure increased, fall, muscle injury, joint pain, etc

To avoid these inconveniences, it is necessary to respect some rules : warm-up before each activity, making movement slow and regular, maintaining at all costs its joints, use materials that are safe and secure. Above all, it should always go at its own pace without putting themselves in danger unnecessarily. The sport aims to help you to get better, and not the reverse !

What are the best sports for seniors ?

There is not, strictly speaking, the best sport to senior, because each person has a different morphology and specific requirements to adhere to. So far, various physical activities are particularly beneficial for the elderly in a general way : walking or hiking, swimming, gymnastics, cycling, weight training, etc

Moreover, it is likely that you do them already of physical activities that are conducive to your health without you realizing it ! For example, do the gardening or go shopping on foot is not considered a sport, but can have positive effects similar…

In a senior, sport and health are strongly linked, but they are also impacted by other factors, such as thepower supply. The fact you continue to eat healthy when you age is essential to increase their life expectancy, to the extent possible. Old age can, in addition, involve to change their eating habits to adapt to disease, illness, or deficiency. This is why it is advisable to follow with attention to nutrition, the senior corresponding to your physical condition and your specific needs.

How to stay in shape by being a senior ?

Have a balanced diet and exercise regular physical activity are the best methods to stay in shape as a senior. Sport and nutrition are essential to prolonging its life expectancy and improve the overall state of health.

vivre mieux et longtemps

The good health of senior citizens passes by the sport

For those of you who are wondering how to age well, or how to slow down the effects of aging as much as possible, the answer is simple : engage in at least a half-hour of sport every day of the week, as advocated by the ministry of Health. These 30 minutes daily can be carried out in one time or in increments of 10/15 minutes at different times of the day depending on the state of health of the person.

Physical exercise is of course beneficial for the body at any age, but its benefits are even more significant when it exceeds 50 or 60 years, because this period of life is marked by significant metabolic changes : the muscles tend to atrophy, bones to lose density, and the arteries to narrow. A phenomenon which, in turn, causes the onset of disorders related to age or which increase the incidence of some diseases in the elderly such as osteoporosis, diabetes and some cancers.

In this context, the practice of a sport for a senior is good for the health because it is scientifically proven that this helps to prevent the onset of multiple diseases (cardio-vascular), and thus reduce mortality in the short and medium term. More recent studies also suggest that sport helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and more broadly, to combat cognitive decline and loss of memory.

So far, all the sports are not necessarily compatible with the great age, some activities are more recommended, such as walking and swimming, for example.

Why a healthy diet is essential

Have a balanced nutrition for a senior is just as important to limit the risk of contracting a disease related to age. In fact, the maintenance of good health beyond 50 years depends mainly on the ability to maintain a balance between the energy inputs that are drawn from the power supply and the expenditure incurred each day via the sport.

The main recommendations in the area of nutrition are to eat at least 5 fruits or vegetables and 3 dairy products per day, consume starchy grain and fish instead of fatty meat, to limit as much as possible the consumption of salt and fats, and drink plenty during and outside of meals.

Daily nutritional requirements are specific to each individual, and vary with time. According to the official statistics, are the minimum requirements of 2 000 kcal/d for an older man, and 1,800 kcal/day for an elderly woman. In addition, a balanced diet also passes by the rhythm of the meals with 3 or 4 snacks daily preferably. It is also preferable, for a senior, do not use supplements, unless recommended by the treating physician in a particular case.

Compliance with these recommendations is crucial to maintain its shape when one is a senior ; not only from a physical point or muscle, but also from a mental point of view. In fact, mental health is impacted by aging in the same way that the health of the physical body and can be preserved if you follow the rules listed above.

Seniors : learn All about the cardiovascular disease

The first cause of death, cardio-vascular diseases affect mostly senior citizens. The cardio-vascular system, composed of the heart and its vessels, is implicated in various pathologies that may block an artery. Five diseases of the cardio-vascular of seniors are the most frequent.

maladies cardio vasculaires


Among the cardiovascular conditions capable of undermining the physical health of seniors, theatherosclerosis is a disease that weakens the arteries. It is, however, not obvious to diagnose, in the sense that this disease is free of symptoms to characterize it. When it manifests, the patient feels in general pain, dizziness, or shortness of breath recurrent. To the forefront of the causes that lead to atherosclerosis, we find thehigh blood pressure, tobacco, as well as diabetes and cholesterol. Other factors may also be mentioned. The people anxious, stressed, and those who do not practice physical activity are more likely to be involved.

High blood pressure

After smoking, thehigh blood pressure is the factor that reduces most the number of years to live in good health. With the aging effect, people face more and more risks to have a too high voltage. When the voltage of a patient 140/90 mmHg, hypertension is diagnosed. However, the higher the voltage, the greater the risk of heart attack andSTROKE are great. This disease is characterized by headache, palpitations, dizziness or altered vision. If the age plays an important role in the onset of hypertension, lack of exercise, consumption of fat, salt, alcohol, are recognized risk factors, like tobacco and stress.


STROKE means “cerebral vascular accident”. It is the third leading cause of death in the Hexagon, and the second in the world. We talk about STROKE, when a vessel is blocked or ruptured and can no longer bring the blood to the brain. STROKE is therefore a medical emergency. If a speech and/or numbness in the face or arm occurs, it is necessary to contact the emergency services. Has the image of the high blood pressure, it is the age that is the prime risk factor for stroke. From the age of 55, the incidence rate is doubling every ten years, which makes it a disease of the cardio-vascular senior very frequent. Alcohol, tobacco, and physical inactivity further facilitate the occurrence of STROKE.

Myocardial infarction

Lmyocardial infarction, more commonly known as a heart attack, you can often locate a cardio-vascular disease. The heart muscle, the myocardium, is partly destroyed when a coronary artery becomes clogged and can no longer carry oxygenated blood to the heart. This heart attack manifests itself abruptly by a sharp pain in the chest, which can also be felt in the arm or to the jaw. The heart no longer being irrigated, it is also an emergency in which the intervention has the objective of opening up of the artery. The tobacco is once again mainly incriminated in the occurrence of the infarct. Stress, diabetes and cholesterol, due to too rich a diet, are also risk factors.

The arteritis of the lower limbs

The arteritis of the lower limbs is a blockage of the arteries, but at the level of the legs. These are the senior men who are the most affected by this pathology, which is characterized by calves painful when the patient is walking. Without appropriate treatment, an amputation may be the only solution, once the leg is gangrenous. Tobacco users are a population that is more exposed.

If some age-related diseases, such as hearing problems, incontinence of the elderly, the diseases of the vision, the achievement osteo-articular diseases or gastroenterological, are debilitating, and other conditions to the image of the diseases of the lungs, of the malnutrition of the elderly, and cancer of the seniors are more of a concern. Only solution is to adopt a lifestyle beyond reproach.

Well veillir being senior : The physical illnesses related to age

In addition to the neuropsychiatric diseases, the elderly are subject to many physical illnesses. To take advantage of its sunny days, so it is best to follow a few basic guidelines : eat a healthy and balanced diet but also regular physical activity. What are the diseases of the elderly that impact on their physical state ? Elements of response.

maladies liees à l'âge

The disease, physical disability,

A multitude of physical diseases affects the health of seniors. If some of them are serious and pose a real risk to the elderly, others are especially disabling. This is the case of impaired vision with two pathologies that primarily affect the elderly : cataract and AMD (macular degeneration related to age). The first appears usually from the age of 65 and can significantly disturb the person who is suffering. The second, as its name indicates, is aimed at seniors. Those who are affected see their central vision to deteriorate as the years.

The diseases of the osteo-articular part of the diseases seniors the most embarrassing and the most painful. Osteoporosis, for example, is frequently seen in older women when the cell renewal of bone is malfunctioning. In the Face of osteoporosis, just like osteoarthritis, a healthy lifestyle can limit this type of pathology. Tobacco and alcohol are therefore to be avoided in favor of a balanced diet and appropriate physical activity.

Senior citizens must also cope with the decrease of some physical abilities. In hearing/presbyopia hearing and presbyopia, older people are particularly vulnerable. Most people beyond 50 years of age, must wear glasses to read up close. Over time, older people also lose their hearing abilities, which usually requires amplification.

Whether urinary or fecal, incontinence is also a consequence of aging. A third of the more than 75 years old are prone to this disorder, which can be explained by muscles and sphincters is less tonic. Diseases rights to gastroenterology, can cause a treatment. From simple heartburn to colic, passing by the bloating, these disorders add to the discomfort of older people.

Seniors are also more likely than young people to be affected by the diabetes and cholesterol. These two pathologies are treated well, but they can be dangerous. In particular, they are likely to cause disorders of the cardio-vascular.

Serious illnesses

Among the age-related diseases, which represent a vital risk for the elderly, and include cancer. These, however, are better treated and diagnosed earlier and earlier, thanks to screening campaigns of this scale. Also, the death rate due to cancers has declined.
In France, the first cause of death in the elderly is cardiovascular. The multiple attacks (STROKE, myocardial infarction, hypertension) must be supported effectively in order to avoid the obstruction or the rupture of an artery.
The lung diseases are also concerned about senior citizens. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis usually appears between 60 and 70 years of age. Irreversible, this condition impairs the breathing and the movements. Other diseases, such as pulmonary emphysema, can also destroy the lungs in a progressive manner. The tobacco is often implicated in these diseases.
Furthermore, undernutrition is, although unknown, very common in older people who reduce their food intake. They often think, wrongly, you need fewer calories. On the other hand, their loss of autonomy tends to limit the volume of food ingested. Muscle wasting and reduction of the immune defences are to be taken seriously.

In conclusion, contrary to the <a href= “mental illness seniors “>mental illness in senior citizens</a>, the occurrence of diseases seniors that impact their physical health may generally be limited by feeding properly, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and physical activity non-traumatic.

Well veillir : Everything you need to know to live longer and better

Nowadays, it is no longer really a question of age, but rather of ” ageing well “, that is, to cross its aging so fulfilling and independent in optimizing its chances of staying in excellent physical and mental shape until an advanced age. What are the best practices to achieve this and take full advantage of these years ?

mieux vivre plus longtemps

Preserve his physical health when one is a senior

Have a balanced diet allows you maintain a balance regardless of the age, but it is even more important after 50 years, because the needs of the body are changing. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a nutrition healthy and diversified : it is necessary to eat a little bit of everything in reasonable proportions to evenly distribute the nutrient intake that your body requires, in connection with the expenditure of energy made in the course of the day.

Age well for a senior rhymes also with physical exercise daily. A half-hour of sports activities is essential to stay in shape for as long as possible. That said, this is not the duration, but more the regularity of the exercise that is most beneficial for the body. This allows you to achieve sustainable elimination of excess food, combat fatigue and sleep disorders and reduce joint pain.

Moreover, the combination of a good diet and a regular sporting activity has tremendous positive effects, particularly on health at an advanced age. Many studies have revealed long ago that having a healthy lifestyle could slow down aging and prevent the onset of many diseases (diabetes, cancers, and others), while reducing the risk of falls and fractures disabling.

Mental health is has also !

The physical activity and nutrition are also valuable assets for ageing well… in his head ! The pleasure of cooking and discovering new dishes in the company of others, or to practice a sporting activity with a group are an excellent way to keep a social link with the outside world and enjoy life. Feel surrounded is all the more beneficial if the family is distant : don’t let the feeling of loneliness is to install ! This contributes to the restoration of the autonomy and self-esteem, and therefore the general well-being.

In addition, stay active and meet new people is a remedy well known for preserving the memory and maintain cognitive functions, because it compels us to concentrate, to focus, to reason and to use the abilities of coordination. Retirement is also an excellent opportunity to rediscover old passions that were put aside during the working life due to lack of time. Take advantage of this chance to open new perspectives and to talk about your creativity !

To stay fulfilled in society, finally, it is vital to be able to continue to communicate and keep its capacity to hear, see and talk. This is why it is important to keep these functions deteriorate after 60 years, saying that it is ” more for nothing “. On the contrary, they have never been as important ! Feel free to check as often as possible with your treating physician as well as specialists (ENT, optician, dentist) that he recommends.

In short, keep the shape when one is a senior is above all a question of lifestyle, adopt the right attitudes and good habits in order to age well and to be able to stay in good health, both physically and mentally.

Health of seniors : learn All about the pathologies related to age

Whether they are physical or neurological, many diseases are age-related. Having more or less of an impact on the lives of the senior, they can be addressed with a view to cure or relieve the patient. Bone diseases, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the vision… State of the locations of diseases that may manifest themselves as years.


Physical illness

Among the long list of physical diseases that can develop in the elderly, include blurred vision, starting with the cataract that affects many people aged from 65 years. The health of senior citizens is also wrong with the diseases, osteo-articular. If the osteoarthritis for many French, the deterioration of the cartilage that covers the ends of bones tends to accelerate with age until the disappearance of the cartilage. The joints are more painful and, only, a good hygiene of life, based on a healthy and balanced diet, as well as practice of a light physical activity, may limit this phenomenon.

Diseases rights to gastroenterology or lung, diabetes or cholesterol, incontinence, or disorders of hearing… so Many pathologies, physical handicap also the seniors as to their occurrence. Again, the best remedy is to focus its efforts on its power. Avoid excess weight and practice a sporting activity non-traumatic reduce the risks. However, be careful not to fall in undernutrition.
Other disease conditions are more serious and endanger the life of the patient. These include cardio-vascular diseases, the leading causes of death in senior citizens in the western countries. High blood pressure, myocardial infarction, cerebral vascular accident… Three risks that a rehabilitation of the cardio-vascular system may decrease due to physical exercise for heart patients.

As for the cancers, if the risks are more important for the more than 50 years, it is important to know that mortality rates are declining. This is explained by the treatments more effective and testing more regularly. This is particularly the case for breast cancer and colorectal cancer.

The neuropsychiatric diseases

Alzheimer’s disease affects the cognitive functions of the patients and causes a progressive deterioration, which affects seniors overwhelmingly. The first clinical signs appear only from the age of 65 in most cases. This degenerative pathology of age-related is really unfortunate because little by little, the senior’s faculties of memory and its language to be significantly reduced.

Other neurological pathology : Parkinson’s disease manifested by tremor that the patient is unable to control. Many cases are recorded in France and especially in the elderly. The nervous system is affected and neurons, located in the area of your brain involving the motor skills, are dying gradually.

The health of senior citizens is also exposed to an increased risk of mental disorder. In fact, 15 % of seniors over 60 years old suffer from this type of neurological impairment. If the dementia is not a consequence of aging, it affects primarily older people. This pathology is characterized by disorders of memory and behaviour, associated with difficulties in performing simple tasks.

Often overlooked at the expense of physical illnesses, depression affects also many older people. It must be said that with age, the end of the professional career, a social life more limited and health problems, the elderly are subject to various risks leading to a depressive state.

Terminate its mutual health in the framework of the law Châtel

A multitude of reasons that can push a senior or senior employee to terminate his mutual : increase contributions, decrease of guarantees, late repayments.

Previously, to terminate its mutual, the insured must generally wait for the term of his contract. Today, the termination of a supplementary health prior to maturity is possible in some cases. Even more than the adherence to the mutual binding of the enterprise is sometimes an imperative for the employee.

No health questionnaire and no waiting period, Cocoon avoids the heavy administrative procedures in the usual manner. A mutual simple.

Résilier sa mutuelle

Termination to the date annual renewal date of the contract or termination in the fields of application of the law Châtel

Usually be tacitly renewed every year, my mutual may be terminated at maturity. I can, on the anniversary date of my contract without having to justify my choice – put an end to my contract of health. The insurer has the obligation to inform the insured of the date by which they may terminate their contract with the payment notice annual that must be sent between 3 months and 15 days before the end of the contract – obligation is in force since 28 July 2005, via the law Chatel. If this duty of disclosure is not complied with within the time limits set by the law Chatel, the insured person is entitled to 20 additional days to terminate. And if the insurer fails to send this notice, then the insured may terminate it at any time.

The cancellation deadline is the case of such termination, the most frequent. However, in some circumstances, the insured can terminate his contract without having to wait for its term.

Termination outside the annual renewal date of the contract

Outside the annual renewal date of the contract, several of the grounds of termination are possible :
– in the event of a change of situation ;
– as a result of membership of a mutual company ;
– as a result of an unjustified increase of the annual premium (except if a clause providing for the revisions is included in the contract).

A change of situation can be considered as a legitimate reason for termination. The condition that this change will have an impact on the risk guaranteed. We can mention : a change of address, status or marital regime, profession. Three months after the event, a registered letter must be sent. The termination will take effect 1 month after its receipt by the insurer.

In the case of membership in a mutual company, a letter of termination should be sent accompanied by a supporting statement.

An unjustified increase of the annual premium allows for a termination of the mutual. A cancellation request must be sent within 15 days of the announcement of this increase, which was not envisaged in the original contract by a revision clause. The contract is broken within 1 to 2 months after receipt of the letter.

Withdraw from my mutual

Whether a termination to the maturity date or, in the case of the termination of the law Chatel, a termination outside maturity date, to terminate my mutual in good and due form is a most important thing.

Each contract is specific, the best advice is to look at the heading “termination” of my contract of health insurance. In general, administratively, the termination is simple. You just need to send the insurer a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. This acknowledgement will prevent any dispute about a possible challenge to date.

The template for the letter of termination for your mutual health

Regardless of the reasons for why I wish to terminate my mutual, I must send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the organization to which I signed my contract. Here is a sample letter of termination of mutual.

Proceed to the termination of my health insurance is possible, if, for example, I am now covered by the mutual, obligatory, my company, or simply because of the guarantees, and the waiting period of my supplementary is no longer suitable for my new situation. After such termination, I will be free to get involved in the organization of my choice, the image of Cocoon, a health insurance specialist for seniors that requires no health questionnaire for underwriting. Some want to break my contract of mutual, now I have to write a letter of termination on mutual respect with the legal provisions to be adequate. For the draft, here is a template letter of termination of mutual below.

Le modèle de lettre type de résiliation pour votre mutuelle santé

Model termination mutual : the letter type

Issuer :
First Name Last Name
Recipient :
Name of the mutual

Subject : Termination agreement and mutual (add the reason for termination)
No of participant :
No contract :

(City) on (date)

“To the attention of dear Sir/Madam” or ” Madame, Monsieur “
(here, use the “To the attention of dear Sir/Madam” and specify the name of the person of the mutual is normally employed in the folder, otherwise, a simple ” Madame, Monsieur “)

Participant(e) of your mutual since (date), I request you, by this letter, the termination of my subscription. I want to put an end to my contract no (contract Number) (complete here for the reason of the termination, to choose from the reasons below) :
– his arrival at maturity date ;
– an increase in contributions is not justified ;
– my subscription to the mutual binding of my company ;
– the non-receipt with my schedule annual of the information note on the tacit renewal of my contract and my ability to renounce as stipulated by the law Chatel of January 25, 2005 ;
– my status change (please specify what changes : relocation, marriage, professional, etc) ;
– etc

In the case of a change of situation and a subscription of a health insurance mandatory, think to join a document and indicate in the letter at this place.

I thank you for proceeding with the termination of my contract of mutual health to the receipt of the letter, and I beg you, if any, of me informed.

Remaining at your entire disposal for any further information, I beg you to accept, Madam, Sir, my best regards.

First Name Last Name


What is the procedure to be followed to send this letter of termination mutual ?

Regardless of the reason for the termination of my health insurance, it is necessary to send the letter of termination mutual in the form of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt (recorded delivery). The time of my shipment are the following :
– the period of notice listed in my contract (most often 1 to 2 months) in the case where my contract reaches its maturity date and that I wishes to terminate the agreement on its anniversary date (either by choice or because I wish to refuse an increase in contributions) ;
– 20 days after the date sent by my mutual mail information regarding the expiration of my contract if this shipment was made less than 15 days prior to the date of termination. The evocation of the act of Châtel in the mail ;
– at any time, effective upon the date of renewal of the contract if the mutual has not sent any e-mail information regarding the expiration of my contract. Again, to refer to the act of Châtel in the mail ;
– Maximum of 3 months after the change of circumstances that should cause the termination of the contract, excluding the maturity date ;
– at the time of the beginning of the contract my mutual mandatory if this is the start of it which should cause the termination of the contract. The organization that I request to leave may, however, ask me a period of notice of 30 days.
In the case of non-response of the mutual, he must try to contact by phone. If a case settles, it is possible to approach a consumer association such as 60 Million consumers, or the UFC What to Choose.

What steps to terminate a mutual at the end of his contract ?

Initiate the termination of its mutual-to-maturity application to follow the legal procedure. Here is a tutorial from A to Z at the termination of my contract of mutual.

Organization offering complementary health, especially adapted to seniors, Cocoon requires no health questionnaire at the time of subscription, and does not impose any waiting period. For the sake of transparency, Cocoon explains to the members what are the steps to take to proceed with the termination of his health insurance, whether it expires or not (in the case of a purchase of mutual binding, increase in abuse, change of situation, etc). Focus on the steps to perform to cancel a mutual at the end of his contract.

Quelles démarches pour résilier une mutuelle à la fin de son contrat ?

Check before the whole thing the expiry date of my contract

Contracts of mutual, in general, have a duration of 1 year. But the date of expiry of my contract does not always correspond to its anniversary date, either 1 year after its signature, because it can also be set by the organization at the end of the calendar year, December 31. The first thing is to check the expiry date of my mutual, because the contracts for the mutual have a principle of tacit renewal, which means that my involvement with the organization will be renewed ex officio if I do not terminate. In the case where my contract expires and I wishes to terminate the agreement on its anniversary date, I must proceed with the termination of my health insurance benefits before the end of the notice listed in my contract (most often 1 to 2 months prior to the maturity date). Fortunately, mhos have a duty to provide information to their members.

The duty of disclosure of my mutual

The law Châtel aimed at protecting consumers is forcing mutual to notify them of the upcoming end of contracts, at the time of mailing of each notice due annual premium. This mailing must be done by the body within a maximum period of 15 days before the date limit of the period of notice specified in the contract. Three situations can then occur :
– if my mutual had fulfilled its duty of information in the legal times, my termination of mutual must be made before the end of the notice ;
– if my mutual sent its e-mail information for less than 15 days prior to the expiration date of such termination (the postmark authentic), I then has a period of notice of termination further 20 days from the mailing date of this letter ;
– if my mutual has totally failed in its duty of information concerning my right of withdrawal and that no mail reached me, I can terminate my mutual when I please, without penalties, from the date of renewal of the contract. The termination of my contract of mutual shall take effect on the day after my sending (the postmark being still faith). It is a simple procedure.

A termination by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt

Regardless of my situation in relation to the three cases mentioned above, the termination of my health insurance goes through a sending of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt (recorded delivery). It allows me to establish a legal proof of the date of the shipment, as well as that of its good reception. This evidence will be used in the event of a dispute with my mutual. But I can also terminate my mutual prior to maturity.

Is it also possible to proceed with the termination of my mutual before the end of the contract ?

If the law Châtel enables you to terminate my mutual at any time in the case where the body has failed to fulfil its duty of information with regard to the coming deadline of my contract, it is also possible to proceed to the development of my contract of mutual non-maturity. Again, a letter of termination must be sent to my mutual, by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

In what cases is it possible to terminate its mutual before the end of the contract ?

If my contract of mutual is not yet expired, but I want to stop it, it is possible to terminate my mutual under certain conditions. Here’s why.

In some circumstances, change of personal or professional situation, the subscription to a mutual company mandatory (etc), it may be necessary to terminate his contract of mutual. In a sake of information and clarity among its members both current and future, Cocoon presents the main specific cases that may result in the termination of a mutual before the term of the contract.

Terminate my mutual in the event of a change of situation

In the event of a change of personal or professional situation for myself, it is possible to terminate my mutual. These changes may, for example, take the form of a regime change, marital or social system, retirement, becoming unemployed or a move. However, two conditions must be absolutely fulfilled in order to obtain the termination :
– the contract of my mutual must not stipulate conditions contrary to a possible termination in the specific context of my change of situation ;
I need to send a cancellation letter by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt (by registered letter) within a maximum period of 3 months after the date of my change of situation. This registered letter must be accompanied by a document substantiating the change occurred..

How do I terminate my health insurance benefits in the event of membership of a health insurance mandatory ?

The law of 14 June 2013, the so-called “law ANI”), obliges all companies of the Hexagon to set up a complementary health for all its employees since January 1, 2016. If my employer asks me to join the mutual binding of his company, but I have already subscribed to a complementary health, I have the option to terminate this last. Again, I have to send my agency a registered letter with as proof a copy of my new contract of mutual company. My old contract of the mutual will then be terminated at a month’s notice.

Terminate my mutual in the event of a dues increase

If my mutual decides to increase its rates of contribution and that this increase was not stipulated in my contract, I can terminate my mutual. My letter of termination shall be in possession of an object of type “Termination of contract of mutual rate increase to be unjustified” and be sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt within the notice period provided for in the contract.

How do I terminate my mutual in the case of an arrival at maturity ?

We have already seen that it was possible to terminate a mutual before the end of his contract. The case of such termination, the most common of course is the termination to the maturity date. Contracts of mutual containing, in general, a clause of tacit renewal, it is mandatory to terminate the contract to get out on the anniversary date thereof. Since the promulgation of the law Chatel , which is intended to protect consumers, the agencies of complementary health have the obligation to inform the cases for which termination is possible, but also to notify that the contract has a maturity date at least 15 days prior to the notice period. If I decide to terminate on the due date, a termination letter must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, within the time provided by law.

Therefore, it is quite possible to terminate my mutual prior to the end of my contract if I go back in one of the situations provided. Regardless of the reason for my termination, I have to think well to send my application by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. My request will be effective after the notice period provided for by my contract.

How and in what time of the termination of your insurance, is it possible ?

If once I signed my contract of mutual, I become bound to the body as a subscriber, it is, however, possible to cancel my health insurance at any time subject to certain conditions. Explanations.

For various reasons, the subscriber may desire to terminate its mutual health : for example, because it no longer meets its needs in terms of health or because his personal situation has changed, and that its mutual, there is more suitable. This termination of health insurance can occur at the maturity date of the contract, but also while the contract is still running. After you have read and understood the contract, of the mutual, the member knows that there are conditions to terminate prior to its maturity or at the end of the contract. The time of termination of a mutual health vary according to whether a termination taking place at the due date or without expiry date.

The termination of my health insurance out-of – maturity

Put an end to my contract of mutual so that it is not expired is allowed in some cases. The most common one is a personal change (marriage, birth of a child, relocation, etc) or professional (hiring, job loss, etc). If this change alters the risks covered by the guarantees of my contract of mutual, the termination should, in principle, be accepted by the body, unless it had included the specific conditions in the contract to protect themselves. It is also possible to ask for a termination outside maturity date in the case of unjustified increase of the contributions. In this case, it should not have exceeded the period of 15 days after the receipt of the notice of dues increase.

The termination of my health insurance to maturity

Put an end to my contract of mutual so that it is not expired is allowed in some cases. The most common one is a personal change (marriage, birth of a child, relocation, etc) or professional (hiring, job loss, etc). If this change alters the risks covered by the guarantees of my contract of mutual, the termination should, in principle, be accepted by the body, unless it had included the specific conditions in the contract to protect themselves. It is also possible to ask for a termination outside maturity date in the case of unjustified increase of the contributions. In this case, it should not have exceeded the period of 15 days after the receipt of the notice of dues increase.

How do I terminate my mutual ?

Whether it is for a termination mutual non maturity or termination maturity, he must write a letter of termination and send it by respecting the period of notice listed in my contract of mutual, or within the legal period corresponding to my situation. The sending of this letter should be made obligatorily by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt (recorded delivery).

Cancel my contract of mutual and well-to choose my health solution

If the termination of my contract mutual is not done in the context of a subscription of a health insurance mandatory, it’s that I am considering to subscribe to a new solution of complementary health to obtain better guarantees. Health insurance specialist for seniors, Cocoon offers perfectly adapted to my personal situation. In Cocoon, no health questionnaire, for example, is asked and no waiting period exists.

Cocoon : a mutual that fits my needs

Cocoon it is more than 80 years of experience, 1 600 000 insured persons and 1 200 employees in the service of its members. Dental, optical, doctors, medicines, all the formulas have levels of service tailored to my needs. By choosing a mutual Cocoon, I am certain to be protected in all circumstances.

The key to understanding his or her contract of mutual

To choose my complementary health, it is essential to understand the content of the contracts offered by the various mutual benefit societies, and in particular the terms that are frequently used by these organizations.

The mutual that I’m going to choose will allow me to have an extra protection of the mandatory regime of social Security-also referred to as health Insurance. Indeed, health Insurance does not pay all of my health expenses. If owning a mutual is not taxed in france, the great majority of the French subscribed to a to get the best rebates on the cost of their health.


Understand my mutual : the guarantees in my contract

The different services of additional coverage offered by the mutual companies are called guarantees. If I am senior, I need a contract of mutual with safeguards that meet my health needs. Attention, therefore, to have a good look at the guarantees offered in terms of consultations, hospitalizations, care and reimbursement of medicines.
It is also necessary to study the different rates of reimbursement established by the future mutual. A reimbursement rate of 100 % on a care doesn’t necessarily mean that I will be refunded all of my fees, but that the share reimbursed by the social Security, added to that reimbursed by the mutual, will reimburse me the full price of reference of the care in question.
If, for example, my doctor doesn’t practice excessive fee, on a consultation at € 23 (tariff of reference), I will be refunded the full least € 1 of share of fixed and non-refundable. Social Security pays 70% on to this price reference, and the mutual will take care of the rest.
But if my doctor offers consultations to 35 €, my social Security will not reimburse more than in the previous example. With a repayment rate of my mutual 100%, I will only be refunded to that of the reference amount, there will still be 13 € (35-23 + £ 1 share, lump) in my office for this consultation. Only a reimbursement rate of 200 % or 300 % will allow me to be covered in full or in part.

The termination of my contract of mutual

Like any contract, the contract of mutual may be terminated by the member. This termination is possible if a change occurs in the personal circumstances of the latter (a change of job, marriage, etc). For example, the French law obliges companies in the country, since January 1, 2016, to the benefit of all their employees of a mutual binding, of which a portion of dues is paid by the employer. In this case, the member employee may terminate his or her old mutual, warranting a new subscription to its mutual enterprise.
The termination of my mutual contract must be done by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt with the time limits that differ depending on the reason for the termination. Nevertheless, it is necessary to read the contract to see if the termination conditions are noted. Attention : a contract of mutual, which will come to an end does not expire automatically. I have to terminate it by complying with the notice period indicated in my contract.

Understand my mutual : the waiting period

When a doctor prescribes for me a stop of work, the start of my period of inactivity is not supported by health Insurance. This number of days prior to which the support starts is called the waiting period, and differs from the sector that belongs to my profession (public or private sector) and of a possible collective agreement. In terms of health insurance, this waiting period prevents me to get a refund on an expenditure incurred in the period. This period differs according to each complementary health. In Cocoon, there is, for example, no waiting period.

How to properly choose my mutual ?

Understand my mutual allows you to make the right choice in terms of complementary health. Several types of organizations offer. The operation of a mutual is based on a principle of solidarity between its members. Health insurance, Cocoon is the only group that specializes in the health of seniors to offer a offers a fully flexible and adaptable to my personal situation. So how do you choose my mutual ? Thanks to a simple online quote to suit my health needs. I will be able to discover the warranties and guarantees offered by Cocoon at very advantageous rates.