Seniors : how to organize your meals ?

A balanced diet and healthy helps maintain the health of seniors. On this point, the organization of the meal plays a crucial role. Make a list of their races, continue to make its shopping, choose its menu of choice and, finally, setting the table. So many rituals to ensure a good tasting and nutrition a perfect !

organisation repas senior

Eat well, age well

The ritualization of the meal, taken at fixed hours, prepared with menus prepared in advance, and according to his preferences, helps to impose a rhythm to older people, like the fact of drawing up a dish as tasty for the eyes and the taste buds.

There are many fundamental rules to follow to ensure that your diet is well-balanced, healthy, and especially that it follows the pace set by the pace of the meal :

  • do you eat 3 meals per day and take a mid-afternoon snack ;
  • drink regularly during and outside of meals, throughout the day ;
  • consume at least 3 to 4 dairy products per day, sources of calcium for stronger bones, but also to combat osteoporosis and fractures ;
  • eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day, whether fresh, frozen or canned vegetables : they provide vitamins and minerals that contribute to a good intestinal transit and to the protection of cells by their antioxidant power ;
  • eat, 2 times a day, meat, fish or eggs to preserve the mass and strength of muscle ;
  • take a dose of energy with bread, cereals or dried vegetables at each meal ;
  • use fats, but in small quantities ;
  • limit the salt and sugar products ;
  • weigh yourself regularly and track its weighed to determine their evolution ;
  • eat yes, but to eat and move around, it’s even better !

Pleasure of eating : how to get there ?

The 4 meals per day to maintain a balanced diet should become a moment of pleasure. How ? First, by establishing active the list of your races. Once that has been established, go for your races will allow you to take a breath of fresh air. You can aerate while maintaining social ties, whether with the merchants in your area in which you go supplies, then with the people who will keep you company for shopping. As its races to several it is really useful for senior citizens. In addition, you must retain the user-friendliness of the meals, focusing on your small sins cute, cooking the food that you prefer, by establishing regular family meals, between friends or between neighbours. Involvement in meal preparation also promotes the phenomenon of ritualization of the meal and helps keep the pace for seniors. In short, so keep in mind the essential, namely that the balanced diet of senior citizens is vital and that it must rest on the pleasure.

Why eat well ?

First, to fight against undernutrition, malnutrition. Senior citizens are an at-risk population, who may have to face this kind of problem. Splitting meals is, therefore, useful to promote a good distribution of caloric intake throughout the day and a good nutrition to senior citizens. This is why the power of older workers must be strictly based on the rhythm of the three meals and snack of the afternoon is recommended on a daily basis. The respect of this rule is necessary to age in better health, cope with health issues in a more efficient manner.

This guide, with lots of information, simple to remember, offers you leads for your food consumption and help you to adopt concrete measures, for a daily diet conducive to your health.

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