To combat work-related stress, have fun !


How many people arrive at the office with a head of six feet long as if they returned to the mine ? And what is there more shocking that these people who take themselves seriously in their professional life, who look at you strangely if you ever dare to make a joke, as if it were a crime of lèse-majesté ?

Of course, the etymology of the word “work”, it is tripalium, an instrument of torture that the Romans used to punish slaves who did not put enough heart to the task. Certainly, the reading of the fate of Gervaise, the heroine of l’assommoir by emile Zola, did nothing to make us dream, but it was in the 19th century ! The times have changed. Giving birth today is more necessarily of the same pain as that experienced by our great-grandmothers. In the same way that childbirth has evolved towards greater well-being, working in a company should do the same. For this, it is necessary to take a little bit of distance, perspective, and put our work in its proper place.

The professional life is a game, with its good and bad sides, but in the end, when one knows how to play, it’s fun ! For most of us, we do not save no lives daily, then we might as well enjoy ourselves, right ?

The question is to know the rules of this game, such as the following :

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, all the fun comes from there

A game in which we win every game is generally boring. As was said by the French of the Games a few years ago : all the winners have tried their luck ! As in any game, when you start to play, it is necessary to accept in advance the possibility of losing everything by doing everything you can to snag the big prize. If we lose, no drama, and we replay a part. If you have not received the promotion or the increase of your dreams this year, replay, this may be for the next year, don’t be discouraged !

There are rules

For each market, each business, there are codes, modes of operation individuals. We don’t play the belote as you play poker, it’s the same with business : it is necessary to know to adapt. When we master the rules, we optimize our chances to win games.

There are cheats

Those who circumvent the rules, or in any case, they are trying, but in the end, are always take. We don’t like it but it should do well with ! Your colleague just assign the laurels of a job you did ? Keep calm and organize yourself to know without a hullabaloo. During a meeting, or in an email, return quietly, without will, (apparent) controversy, the truth. Time plays against cheaters, because credibility is essential in the professional environment.

There are the bad players

Those who are only bitching and think that when something goes wrong, it is necessarily the fault of the other. All of us have crossed the path of people who never take their responsibilities and who are always a good excuse for their own failures. A lost file ? It is necessarily the fault of the wizard who has just arrived ! As in the previous case, it is the freedom of speech that allows you to update the wrong players. The words fly away and writings remain : an e-mail short, extremely neutral and factual re-establishing the truth often need to counter them.

Has several, it is more pleasant

You have already tried to play poker, football or tennis any one ? Of course, on a computer or a console, it is possible, but frankly, what could be better than sharing good times with other dogs ? And, in general, in contrast to electronic games that are programmed to respond always in the same way, with human beings, the surprises are endless ! Exchange with its peers in the coffee machine helps you feel less alone in the face of its missions, to discover other points of view, other ways of working, to grow in his own work.

Take risks, it’ll pay off

There is no game in which being quiet, careful, we won the game and the same goes for our careers. This is not simply to do what we are asked, or not changing work progresses. Well, the difference between a tennis match and a career is that it lasts a little bit longer!!!

Having fun is essential

I don’t know about you but, personally, I never liked the Trivial Pursuit, the parties are long, there is always the person who has learned all the issues… in short, I don’t like this game. And you know what : I don’t play anymore ! In our work, it is the same, we wake up always easier to go for what entertains us, allows us to learn, we blossom… we Have to find this job, nobody will do it at our place !

Change the game, it’s fun

Choose the game you prefer and imagine yourself playing it all day, from morning to evening, for a month. It is like any thing, you will grow tired of it. It’s the same with the work. Daily first, learn to diversify its activities, it can do good… and in the extreme case, a change of work. We are in a society that allows us this luxury, even in times of crisis. We have the choice to not annoy us in our work !

Too many people gripe about their daily lives at work, complain from morning to night. If we become aware that our professional lives can be like any other game, we need to look at with a lot more lightness and, in the end, we have everything to gain from it : the serenity, the ambition and the joy of living… Otherwise, we can stay in the 52% who are stressed by going to work, but this is not inevitable, it is a choice !


Work : 4 tracks to reduce his stress
According to a study, 52% of employees are experiencing a high level of anxiety, 29% have a level of depression high, and 24% are in hyperstress, that is to say, at a stress level too high. If these figures are disturbing, it is the consequence of excessive stress is simple enough : the excess absenteeism and, in the worst case, the burn-out. Should we consider that stress has become a part of our professional life ?

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