Why compare mutual ?

Compare the mutuals : a wise decision before choosing definitely my mutual. Although tedious, the process has to be taken seriously and accomplished in a rigorous way. The final decision will be all the better. In effect, it is important to choose a mutual fit for me and my loved ones. The elements examined should therefore be comparable between them, to choose objectively the best mutual result of this analysis.

comparer les mutuelles

Choose my mutual : how to compare ?

Before any comparison, several prior steps are necessary. First, it is necessary to define my needs in terms of health. For example, in listing my expenses over the past few years, to give me an overview of my situation. Then, it is necessary to take account of my personal and professional situation.

Choose my mutual : why ?

Choose a mutual effectively is necessary. The list of reasons to compare the mutual is very long. Because it is an important decision and that it involves the insured. Here is a non-exhaustive list :
– have repayments tailored to my needs ;
– to find the formula that takes into account my personal situation and my health needs ;
– save money by finding the best prices on the market ;
– find the best rate of reimbursement ;
– get a quote tailored to my profile ;
– cut spending on health ;
– focus on the areas where I want the best reimbursements : optical, dental, hospitalization, routine care…
– get the best repayment period ;
– know the rules of repayment ;
– know the membership regulations : age limits, medical questionnaire ;
– have access to information about services “more” : for example, some mutuals offer a housekeeper in the case of hospitalization. Small “more” that can make the difference ;
– to know the conditions of change contributions.

Choose my mutual : avoid bad surprises

Quotes are one of the tools of comparison and decision-making are very helpful. However, a large number of information does not include : the details of the services supported, limits of liability, exclusions (this is the case of waiting periods). And this lack of information can cause unpleasant surprises, especially when we discover, after having signed his contract.
Therefore, it is useful, beforehand, to obtain information on these various elements. For this, it is necessary to study the general conditions of contracts in order to compare their limits and to have the conviction of having made the best choice.

Cocoon, a mutual health that looks like me

It is essential to compare the mutual health, not only to find the best offer in term of price mutual but also to adapt the offer to his situation : Seniors, active youth, students, retirees, managers, employees,…
The benefits of the mutual Cocoon are indisputable to provide true satisfaction to its members. For example, flexibility is one of the strengths of the mutual company. Here is the proof : change of mutual is easy, Cocoon is without commitment.

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