Why hydration is crucial for the elderly ?

The weight of a body in the adult is composed of about 60 % water. The proportion increases to 50 % for a senior. However, there is evidence that older people do not moisturize it enough. The link of cause and effect ? It’s simple : the sensation of thirst is often less noticeable, so that their needs, themselves, do not reduce. The assessment of the amount of water, represented by the daily needs, is also called into question. It is often mistaken and too often overstated. Difficult to establish the amount drunk in a day by the seniors. Mode of employment of proper hydration for seniors.

hydratation des seniors

Hydrate better for ageing well

Water is a nutrient essential to the health of seniors. But the power of older workers also plays a vital role in maintaining good health. It must be well-balanced, healthy, and provide enough of the nutrient and energy intakes recommended. Protein, calcium, fiber and hydration are the four pillars that the founders of good health. The rule of effective skin hydration is to drink at least 1.5 liters per day of water weakly mineralized.


The hydration in the heart of the health of seniors

Each person has their own hydration ! Find here all our tips for adopting the right gestures hydration.

The first council to implement : drink all day long, regularly, and even if you do not feel the sensation of thirst overwhelm you. In addition, it is easier to encourage people to take small amounts throughout the day to drink 1.5 liters of a treaty. Break so made to facilitate your daily intake of hydration : in the morning, at breakfast, lunch, snack in the afternoon, at dinner and in the evening at bedtime.

Then, regardless of the place where you find yourself, remember to have a bottle of water. Small or large, a water bottle at your fingertips, wherever you are (kitchen, bedside table, purse…), promotes good hydration.

Finally, in the summer, be even more vigilant and increase the amount of drinking water (at least 2.5 litres per day), to compensate for your sweating. Same thing in case of fever.

Finally, to help you better appreciate the volumes of bus, hold on to that 1.5 liter of water is about eight glasses. If this remains a threshold difficult to achieve, opt for foods rich in water : melon and other fruits, tomato, cucumber, sorbet, fromage blanc…

For seniors who are not fanatics of the water, be aware that you can vary the pleasures : soup, broth, herbal tea, tea or coffee. Have fun with it !

Our recommendations regarding protein intake

A good hydration is not enough. To maintain a lean and muscular enough, and not subject to muscle loss, older people should also ensure to meet their protein needs. The key to achieve this is a balanced diet of seniors. Proteins of plant or animal, they must be of good quality to be effective. They will facilitate not only the cellular renewal, but will also allow a better recovery in the event of a health problem.

With age, seniors must cope with a risk of dehydration more important than the other segments of the population. All the advice identified above will help you prevent the reduction of your water reserves, the degradation of the sensation of thirst and the inability of your kidneys to concentrate urine. With severe health consequences, the dehydration should be taken very seriously.

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