Presbycusis : symptoms and treatments of hearing disorders

Presbycusis is a phenomenon that affects the physical health of seniors, from the age of 50 years. What is this disease and how detect it ? What treatments exist for the better to live with ? Here’s everything you need to know about the presbycusis.


What is presbycusis ?

Presbycusis can be defined as the natural aging of the ear over the years. It leads to a progressive decrease of hearing, bilateral and symmetric. Lot differentiate, therefore, of the deafness resulting from a pathology. The onset of presbycusis generally occurs from the age of 50 years, particularly among men. It is becoming quite common in the over 65 years of age (70 % of the population is affected by hearing problems). In France, it is estimated that 4 million to 5 million the number of people with presbycusis. This figure is set to continue to increase in the coming years.

What are the symptoms of presbycusis ?

There are several signs which identify the onset of presbycusis. The disorders of the understanding, and intolerance to loud sounds are the main two. As well, a senior suffering from presbycusis initially manifested more and more difficulties to follow a conversation, to understanding the discussions that are happening in front of him. People suffering from presbycusis support then less and less noisy settings. In a reaction of denial in the face of this disease, the senior may attribute this lack of understanding to the way of expressing his interlocutors (they speak softly, they do not articulate, not enough, etc). This attitude sometimes leads to social isolation, the senior preferring to then retreat rather than feel uncomfortable dealing with people with whom he was unable to converse. When the first signs of the disease appear, it is important to undertake a specific review : the audiogram. It is a review that allows us to analyze in detail the type of deafness, quantify the hearing loss, and guide the senior to possible additional examinations.

What are the treatments for presbycusis ?

Once presbycusis is diagnosed, the only effective treatment to this day remains the establishment of a hearing aid using a fitting prosthetic. The prescription of a hearing aid by an O. A. L. was, however, not intended to treat presbycusis. On the other hand, it can reduce the discomfort resulting from the loss of hearing. The technological developments in this field can offer to the seniors of hearing devices is more efficient than ever, as close as possible to the hearing natural. As with most treatments, the greater the advance, the more adaptation will be easy, and the greater the benefit for the senior to be raised. To note that today, these devices have the peculiarity of being quite discreet, with a strong trend towards miniaturisation.

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